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Thread: Announcement: AVA Mod1 for the Benneli M4

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    That's a magazine clamp mount design. Plenty of them available. They have cons as well. Namely slipping and the fact you can no longer disassemble the firearm without tools.

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    I may have missed it here in the thread somewhere and if so, please forgive me. Just received my mount and was going to install it but was wondering if there are any particular torque specs for the screws and any particular pattern for tightening recommended - I'm assuming star pattern like an automotive wheel but, hey, I'm no engineer nor do I play one on the internet and there were no instructions in the package.

    On a side note, you have some design and execution skills - just saying. This mount is NOT, repeat NOT, done justice by the pictures in this thread. You have to get it in your hands to really understand just how well this is designed and made. Impressive.

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    Thank you sir!!! Appreciate the comments.

    The screws should be torqued to no more than 20 INCH pounds.

    Generally I torque the top two on the mount, then the bottom two.

    For the light, same thing, the two short screws should absolutely be torque'd first and the bottom of the light clamp is then secured.
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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    Finally got my personal mount painted burnt bronze to match my M4. I paired an IWC backbone with a Surefire KE2-A 500 lumen output head together. I then machined a Scout light tailcap to remove the shroud. The cap was the. Painted with the rest.

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    Looking Good!
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    AVA Tactical Benelli M4 Mounts:

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    A lot less thigh gap on the mount with the IWC light body.

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