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    OK, I have a nice Condor that I just purchased used. I have no manual that explains the operation, the online manual is vague and non-specific. So the safety switch shows 1 line ( l) on the right side of the swtich and 2 lines ( ll ) on the left side. I assume that the two lines are for when you load both barrels, and the one line means loading only one barrel. Now as far as I can tell, in either case it fires the top barrel first, then the bottom barrel. So if both sides fire the same, what's the point of having two? Is there any written explanation about the operation of this gun, anywhere?
    Thanks, larry kleinschmidt

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    The stitch determines which barrel fires FIRST. One dot is the top barrel, two dots, the bottom. It also has auto safety, so you have to remember to take it off each time you want to fire.

    They are inertial triggers, so the second barrel won't fire until the kick activates the second barrel. If you're dry firing, or dropping the pins on snap caps, you'll need to butt the gun against your shoulder to trip the second barrel.

    Mine works fine, if a little stiff.

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    Strike's got it covered, but with the non Stoeger O/Us I've used, 1 dot = bottom first; 2 dots = top first. It might vary depending on manufacturer, so you may need to test it to know for sure.

    Many prefer the bottom first because the recoil is more in line with your shoulder and therefore less muzzle jump so you can stay on target better for the second shot.

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    It also lets you choose which choke or load to use, you can setup ic on top and mod on bottom, or #7.5 on top and #5 on bottom, if you're hunting.

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    Thanks for your help. I'm figuring it out as I go. Thanks again, larry.k

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