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    Any idea how to zero laser sight on the M4 before going hunting ?

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    What kind of laser?

    pick a range and sight it in with slugs on a paper target from a steady position.

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    I meant another way than shooting so at least it ll be close to adjust when on field.

    StrangerDanger what is the best distance to calibrate both laser sight (sunfire) and aimpoint (M4) red dot , I usually shoot at 50 meters and up when hunting so shall I calibrate both at 50 meters or 75 ???
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    I'd go for the 50 meters that you're typically shooting at. After sighting in the Aimpoint, you can adjust the laser to match at 50 meters. As your range changes closer or further, expect there to be some parallax.

    Test some buckshot you plan on using at that range so you get an idea of the pattern size.

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    Thanks , buckshots I shoot maximum 40 meters only

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