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  3. IWC is solid but was looking more for something I can get the light source closer to the end of the barrel. Am I missing something with the IWC mount? Im unsure if that's doable. I'm done waiting for AVA to come around, but when he comes back, I'm sure I'll be back on aboard.
  4. I am considering buy an FFP rifle scope. Anyone used it before? Please give me some advice.
  5. Also has the tartan tactical full length lifter.
  6. new Benelli M2 Tactical factory 7 shot pistol grip with Ghost Ring Sights. I have swapped out the factory extended mag tube for a extended Nordic so the barrel clamp could be added, this included the Nordic spring and Follower as well. Also added the Nordic Extended charging handle. This also has the A&S Engineering Enhanced aluminum trigger housing, very cool item. This has never been fired, it is as new. $1300 shipped. [email protected]
  7. I've been having issues with my new sbe3 not ejecting certain 3" shells and having them stuck in the chamber. the gun fires anything else reliably from 1oz target loads to 3 1/2" magnum loads
  8. Yesterday
  9. The Spare parts list, Table 3 (gas system), shows the Break Action Magazine damper and codes it as Part # 299W. Original .308 barrel. Clean with "Wipe Out". Oil the bolt and rotating head. I've completely dis-assembled the gas system after the issue began to clean the two pieces of the Piston Extension assembly. Use 168 grain cartridges, Barnes and Hornady A-Max. 165 grain Remington Sirocco. Federal 180 grain Trophy bonded. Test fired 15 cartridges last week and the bolt does not remain open after the last cartridge is fired so existing issue not resolved. I purchased the Break Action Magazine damper from the Canadian source for Benelli firearms. Haven't a picture at the moment but shown in part breakdowns on USA web sites.
  10. Here is what I’m talking about. I feel like something is missing that it doesn’t stay in the upward position allowing me to load any shells.
  11. Haven’t used my supernova in awhile and pulled it out to clean it. Haven’t had any problems before but today I noticed the carrier just hangs loose. It won’t feed any shells. Anyone have a fix or this issue?
  12. ryanp

    SBE3 Questions

    what brand shells do you have issues with?
  13. Breacher


    Can any recommend a good pistol grip for a Nova?
  14. I have the Nova and I've put hundreds of rounds through it. No issue with recoil or the trigger guard. Love this gun. It's my back up to my side arm while on duty and it's the one I keep handy at night.
  15. Last week
  16. Hello, This is my first post here and I'm looking forward to owning a benelli nova tactical. The model I'm looking at my lgs is a nova tactical with 4+1 capacity. My question is, can you fit 5 shells of 2 3/4" in a standard Nova tube? (eg: federal flite control buckshot 00) Thank you in advance
  17. BlueForceGear sling and the handguards returned from Tango Arms for the stippling. Nice work as always. I have a painter who has color matched the NP3 finish quite well. He is going to do the lamp head and the plastic ring that holds the rubber button of the flashlight’s tailcap in place. These parts can’t be plated in NP3 since the electronics cannot be removed and that ring is plastic.
  18. So I currently have and been shooting a Sport II. I am transitioning from sporting clays to hunting with it and just wondering what all if anything needs to be modified. Also plan on getting into waterfowl in the future as well. I know the design of the gun is sporting clays in particular so I am not sure if things such as the buffer spring would need to be replaced for a higher tension spring. Are the loads used for birds in general much greater than clays? As well as the gun being for 3" shells, can I stick with 3" for dove as well as waterfowl in the future?
  19. That’s good.You get that one on eBay these week for $250 then
  20. Engaged in hunting for more than 10 years. Should I buy camouflage? I think it's worth it, depending on what budget you have. To begin with, I think you need to ask permission from your wife. Last year he himself hunted, though a wild boar. My hunt ended at a local casino casinomaxi.co.nz. The wife still remembers. I then earned myself 2 camouflages. It was the second birthday.
  21. Welcome. You're almost there. I sold out of those extensions a long time ago. Now the price is too high for me to hold on to them. Benelli isn't very receptive to working with home based FFL dealers even though there isn't a real dealer for a hundred miles of me. Numrich arms used to be a good source for the extensions, but then they started sticking people with two position tubes instead of three. I usually buy from Benelli Parts myself.
  22. While this is a drop in product, some tuning is required. It works most of the time but I need it to work every time. I have been working with the owner of the company to get it dialed in. We are very close. Note, I have an M4 which has small differences from the M2 trigger group. The last issue is an 8th of an inch hang that is, occasionally, catching the shell rather than letting it pass. Josh Kenny is very helpful and very receptive to my issues. I just need to get back to my workbench and polish the butt end of the shell catch. Josh indicated that this has fixed the issue for many others with the same issue.
  23. The search has ended. Thank you to all of those who reached out
  24. SD- You’re the man. And thanks. It’s not wearing its custom padded BFG sling in that photo, but is a work in progress for sure. Maybe someday I’ll get on your level. Searching for that bit PN though, I stumbled onto a FS thread of yours for the 3-position tubes. If you happen to have one available seven years later, msg me. I’d rather pay you than Benelli.
  25. Thanks! Those tutorials were fun to do. I'm amazed that photobucket started working again.
  26. A good substitute is the Impact Weapon Components light mount. It's actually a simpler design. Cosmetically I prefer the Ava Tactical model, but it is what it is. Not sure what happened to Joel, but I hope all is well with him.
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