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  3. I wrote a lengthy letter to TTI about the problems I was experiencing with there products, I included photos trying to be helpful as I possibly could. The answer I received from them was: "RETURN IT THEN!!!!!!!!"
  4. you want this baby. fast to adjust, tough as hell, inexpensive, SIMPLE
  5. Iv'e only tried 2 different slings on my M4. The Magpul MS1 and the Blue force gear Vickers sling. Both extend and retract and hold position equally well. I prefer the MS1 sling because the material is softer and it is just a wee bit wider that the BFG sling, maybe 1/32 to a 1/16 of an inch. Not a big issue if you buy the padded versions but mine are the unpadded versions.
  6. Pretty much just a standard sling, not a bunch of attachments thanks!
  7. FYI: Ebay had an older GG&G (new) for auction the other day.
  8. i literally bought another one 4 days ago for $1540......i know what their website says, ....but call them about a cash price
  9. Where did you find it? I looked at Bud's and they are $1800 for the black, $2000 for the H2O, same as all other places I looked.
  10. Thanks. Never shopped at Bud's, maybe now is the time to start.
  11. A Short History of a Shotgun Choke The first patent for a shotgun choke was granted in 1866, but it wasn't until 1969, more than a century later, that Winchester introduced the WinChoke on its Model 1200 and Model 1400 shotguns. The company's Versalite choke had appeared on its Model 59 autoloader eight years earlier, but the WinChoke was the first widely popular, interchangeable choke-tube system. In 1978, Mossberg introduced its new Accuchoke tube system on its Model 500, followed in 1982 by the Multichoke on Weatherby's Model 82. By the early 1980s, all shotgun manufacturers were working on and releasing their own versions of the successful screw-in choke tube we're all familiar with today. Also Read:: Hp Printer Troubleshooting Although decades passed before the choke-tube idea became universally accepted by hunters, the eventual adoption of this interchangeable system by shotgun manufacturers increased the scattergun's versatility by leaps and bounds and saved shotgunners lots of money as well. No longer is it necessary to buy extra barrels to have different choices in chokes. Many of today's shotguns come equipped with a variety of screw-in chokes that can be quickly changed with the twist of a wrench. And many specialist companies offer retrofitting of fixed-choked guns, as well as custom-design replacement choke tubes for factory-threaded barrels. Types of Choke Tubes A choke tube constricts a gun's shot charge to hold it together longer before the shot spreads, thus giving a denser shot pattern at longer range than an open choke or no choke at all. In some ways, it's comparable to the nozzle at the end of a garden hose, controlling the spread of shot like the nozzle controls the spray of water, making it narrower or wider as needed.
  12. new benelli m4 is $1540 here in Kentucky. namely BUDS GUNS
  13. I'm looking at getting some Grade 8 bolts and throwing them on a grinder, so I can make shafts for the charging handle that have a head and a short threaded section. That way, I can turn different handles in 1/2", or 3/4" or plastic or steel or aluminum, and they'll screw on and still have a steel shaft. My issue is that I don't own an M4 to test with, and I'm pretty sure I'm never going to sell enough charging handles to make $1800 to pay for one, so R&D will be interesting 🙂
  14. Last week
  15. Powerball ticket, Aye! I thought about a poor initial installation as well but I figured I would have lost it before 80+ rounds. I'm leaning more toward twisting the handle through manual of arms to the point where it was TDC. Currently I can rotate the handle to all 3 detents and give it a tug and it is secure. Quien sabes?
  16. Get a Powerball ticket! I’d take it out and test it some more to see if it vanishes on you again before doing anything more drastic. You could have had it installed where it wasn’t retaining it well. It’s not the best design to be honest. It’s one of those Italian engineer things like how the rear sling mount is installed in the Standard stocks.
  17. I had a local shop do it for me. They are more of a 1911 custom place but they know what they are doing. I went way conservative compared to most. If you saw it you would probably think it wasn’t opened up enough. While this would be true to most I didn’t want to go too aggressive. I’m not a three gunner, just wanted to make reloading a little easier and efficient. At the same time I wanted to retain the tactical integrity without making it too sporting like. I hate throwing out the word “tactical” but I think it applies here. I messed around with it a little bit and was able to dual load a couple times. I’m sure with some practice and getting use to it I could be more proficient. Perhaps quad loads in the future but like I say it’s a modest opening. Overall I’m happy with it but I wish they rounded it off more where the mag tube begins and the follower lies.
  18. FFT Charging Handle Update: I examined both the FFT and OEM charging handle detents and they look identical under a magnifying glass -- nothing more scientific than that. While installed, both handles will rotate through the 3 detents in similar fashion with similar force required. With a bit of playing with the charging handle, I found it possible to have the handle fail to drop into the spring loaded locked position (detents) but instead stay in what I'll call Top Dead Center, or, the removal position. I applied a little oil to the detents on the end of the handles and I was still able to attain the TDC (removal) position without it locking into a detent. I also found that the FFT handle rotated a little more freely than the OEM after oiling. So what does this all mean? Depending on your technique for racking the gun, meaning index finger, pinky finger, back of the hand, weak hand thumb, etc., it is possible to rotate the bolt handle just slightly into the TDC or removal position. While the spring in the BCG usually snaps (rotates) the handle into a locked detent position, it may not. In my case I rolled the gun over and it just fell out. So Danger, have you heard of anything Stranger?! Should I buy a lottery ticket?!
  19. 'Spec - Who did the work on your loading port?
  20. Rare to have the 20ga double feed. Sometimes the mag spring is way too strong and can force a shell past the latch. Suggest cutting about 6" from the mag spring and try it again. If it still does it then the shell latch/bolt release could have already been damaged if it's the newer 2 piece latch. For the heck of it, check the drop lever spring to make sure it's still hooked over the drop lever, that will cause it also.
  21. The crio chokes in your older Cordoba you will never see again. Yes, a new barrel will fit the older gun with no problem. It was a mistake from the factory to use those threads and were only in the first couple of hundred guns. No guns or extra barrels were made like that after. So yes, if the barrel you buy is less than 10 years old, your M2 and new Cordoba barrel will have the same chokes. Do not ever switch the chokes between the older and newer Cordoba barrels.
  22. No worries. It was a good lead. It’s not your fault. Thanks for bringing it up as a possibility.
  23. I’d like to be first on the list. Lol My loading port job has been completed so I’m ready.
  24. I hate to laugh but it’s not at your situation. Todd from FFT just posted a new charging handle video on YouTube yesterday. He went on and on about how the steel and ti handles will both serve you for an entire lifetime. He further continued to say that the ti handles might get some dings but they will never fall out. Too crazy. Unless you didn’t have it fully inserted but I would guess that you know what you’re doing. Sorry to hear about your handle. Hopefully, he’ll take care of you.
  25. theyre HORRIBLE design!!!! 1. they promote dirt to fly into the piston system 2. their attachment is nutty and junk (read the instructions on attaching them!) 3. theyll chew your fingers up 4. make you wanna hang yourself taking them off and on to clean the gun more than once!!!
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