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  2. ehhhh... I wouldn't do it myself either. I would end up breaking a tap in the hardened pin with my luck 🤣.
  3. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=1059461 I guess doesn't necessarily need to be a "gun"-smith
  4. Perfect, got it off. Much thanks. Now to find a smith.
  5. Correction. you need a 4mm punch; 5mm won't work. I have a 3mm pin punch to start the coil pin out. Also another tip, you aren't suppose roll pin punches on most of the coil pins. They aren't designed for coil pins. The center hole is always slightly offset on coil pins. Roll pins have a much more centered hole.
  6. Yeah, Cali pinning. I removed the cheek shroud, but couldn't figure out next. I was knocking out various pins, but you're saying just go at the button itself?
  7. to pin it for California. hold the stock in a vise, remove the cheek shroud, drive it out with either a 4 or 5mm punch.
  8. Anyone have any clues on how to remove the button on the collapsible stock?
  9. This video will show you how to remove the trigger group. (professional) This video will show you how to remove the trigger group, stock, and magazine tube, as well as the reinstallation of all three.. I'd recommend being a little bit more gentle though, as this guy is manhandling that gun. (amature)
  10. My shortened stock with limbsaver recoil pad. Don't recommend as it is a ton of work. I like the Urbino stock but it is way too short for me and the grip is too blocky for me. People sometimes put the original rubber grip on.
  11. There have been several members who have shortened PG stocks. I did one back in 2010 when C-Stocks were hard to come by. You will have to use a "grind to fit" butt pad. You also have to fabricate new mounting holes for the butt pad screws. A shortened OEM stock is "nicer" than the mesa aftermarket option but is several hours of work to get right!
  12. I did the reverse and have a Ethos carrier in my M4/M2. So based on that, the TTI carrier will fit in the Ethos. The only one you hafta worry about is the M3.
  13. 8/3/20 Taran Tactical manufactures an AccuGuide extender for various Benelli platforms to assist in loading and helping avoid "Benelli Thumb." Question: Has anybody in this forum retrofitted their ETHOS with said extender? And if so, did it help? I know there are muscle-memory techniques that prevent such injuries but I would love to have this backup.
  14. Yesterday
  15. That’s great. Thank you 👍🏻
  16. It’s like a medium size Phillips. Dab of oil, stick it straight in and rotate till it grabs. They don’t go on super tight, so once it moves no worries on stripping.
  17. I run it in the middle position, but I raised the cheek piece to match the red dot. If I remove the red dot, which has a quick release mount, I can still use my irons no problem.
  18. I appreciate the replies. I will probably go with the Mesa Tactical stock for now until the C-stock becomes available. Any other upgrades that worked or didnt work?
  19. Extremely nice 95% plus Benelli MR1 for sale, no box, OEM Magazine included, shot very little. .223. $750.00
  20. Last week
  21. On my M4 i have also CU marking and it should be 2019
  22. Thanks to everyone that has responded. Looks like the Mesa Tactical M4 Urbino is the winner. Unless someone comments to the contrary; I'm going to go with the Urbino with Limbsaver. Reducing LOP from 14 3/8" (?) to 12 1/2" should make it a lot easier to shoot. Thanks everyone!!!
  23. Mike Scharf

    Mike Scharf

    I have a ethos nickel engraved 20 gauge. date stamp is CU. Anyone know what year that is?
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