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  2. Not my cup 'o tea but, I like your attitude.😉
  3. I've been buying galco miami classic stuff. Started with a rig for 1911, then bought a glock 21 holster element, which I was happy to discover my glock 9mm's fit it. So I ordered a mag carrier for the 9 mags. Oh and also a Nelson custom made 1911 holster. As shown on left
  4. That Gatorade bottle is actually a piss jug
  5. Just be aware of the difference between the Cerakote and NP3 plated H2O models. Nothing wrong with the Cerakote models, but sometimes people try to sell them at a price point of the NP3 ones.
  6. My last e-file form 1 took 5 weeks, 2 days. If you have never filed one, I suggest you read all the way through it and collect all the data needed to fill it out before launching into it. Found myself backing up (which logs you out) and making you start from square one all over.
  7. So what you’re saying is either conform to someone else’s thoughts and standards or pay a price? Sorry but some of us still retain the idea of freedom of speech, expression and choice. A novel concept nowadays for some I guess. But I’m old school and as such I will NEVER live on bended knee. My 2cents………
  8. How long does the E-form take to come back?
  9. Love the silver benelli's. They have one at my local bass pro. Thought about grabbing her!
  10. Just got my Sig Cross back from recall work.
  11. It's actually a county lockup special. Get stopped in that rig and you are getting special treatment
  12. I am curious what use case you have in mind for the 14" barrel. While I've always wanted one, I can't ever figure out for me, for home defense, when I would prefer it over the longer barrel with more rounds.
  13. StrangerDanger

    Some R&D

    Just look at what FFT sells them for.
  14. Ordered a CC Ti tube, and every time I forget, one of the wonderful forum members such as yourself, reminds me that I still have FOR-EV-ER to go. So to you kind person, I thank you.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Waiting for a Mesa Tactical Urbino M4 stock and a Scalarworks SYNC Aimpoint mount. Thinking seriously about ordering a CC Ti tube and forgetting about it until I get the call.
  17. I came up with the hybrid observation the first time I saw this gun, to me it’s comprised of the most popular features of each model. The rugged “ off road” appeal of the SBE combined with the svelte Ethos 2.75/3 platform. I also have no need for 3.5 shells, now if they just offered this new SBE 3” in walnut I’d be all over it!….wait that’s an Ethos…🤔
  18. Thanks folks. Torn between a can for my mp5 or the short barrel for the M4.
  19. Same here. Ranger bands are made for a reason. Thank ya, Sir
  20. I like what you did with the heat shield. There's only one person that needs pleasn' here. I've been 🙈****** rigging things all my life. More power to you. My 2cents................................
  21. ruger

    Some R&D

    don't think you would have any problem unloading 100 tubes in a short time frame. I would order one. shipping world wide theres a lot of people with money that spare no expense on their stuff. look at what c-stocks are going for and the waiting list. I would think a 100 tubes would be gone in no time at whatever your price point would be.
  22. Oh, your words cut like a knife. 🥺🥺 What's the revolver gonna do, start walking around shooting people? 😳🤣 Ever think perhaps there's a reason it's right there within easy reach? There is. But you're too caught up in your internet snobbery to consider it, sorry about that. It has to make life tough. And yeah the heat shield is plastic but it works and stays in place. I don't like the offerings on the market that provide a heat shield. Good enough for me. I don't own this shotgun as a status symbol, I want functionality. I'm not some wannabe operator so I don't use gloves when I'm just out having fun shooting it. The heatshield comes in handy. Looks like crap, but works. Again, sorry about your snobby lifestyle. I literally spend close to 16 hours a day in my car, 6 days a week. I clean it at the end of the week. I pull up by my burn pit, rake it out, then that evening burn it and drink a few beers. It's a routine. You don't ride in it so why do you care? Hopefullt this satisfies your holier than thou internet snob concerns. If not, or even if it does, you can still get bent. 😘
  23. USMC 1970 - 73. Crude, rude, and socially unacceptable!


  24. Still waiting for some money. Have been for 60 years!
  25. Finally got the bulk of my parts back from paint, a few minor mistakes to correct, but overall got me enough stuff to keep me busy for a few days. Finalized a H2O that has been taking forever due to Covid and Biden times. Just need to test and sight it in before it makes its way home. A second standard H2O should be finalized this week and taken for testing. The OD green M4 should get finalized soon for testing. The FDE/NP3 H2O has a few minor paint issues to correct, but I can assemble most of it in the mean time. The AR15 is absolutely beautiful. Wish it was mine! The AR10 parts pile in 6.5 Creedmoor should start taking shape too. I assembled a lot of weapon lights last night. I’ve begun having the lock ring that holds the rubber button in place Np3 plated. I thought they were plastic for the longest time. Turns out they’re aluminum.
  26. I’m waiting on a S&W 500 mag to get back from S&W (8 to 14weeks). Purchased it new a week ago , the front sight fell off, discovered two loose cylinder locks and the entire inside is covered with rust and red oxide.
  27. StrangerDanger

    Some R&D

    You’d probably sell every one of them within four months at a profit. Good to see you back on. Really loving that ARGO disassembly tool you sent me. What used to be a pain in the ass is now a simple task.
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