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    The idea of price gouging nearly makes me sick. Pricing an item over 5x what it sold for is freaking nuts. I guess it just isnt in my nature to profit off of others on a gun board.
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    I don't have any interest in your item. You failed to see the sarcasm. Please tell me how things work then. According to you. Is it supposed to stay in it's wrapper and forever to remain unused as a "collector's piece"? Some rare piece of art work, to be put into a plexiglass box in it's wrapper so you can gaze at it admiringly? Or, is this simply a gun part to be taken out of the package and used? Put into a gun to enhance longevity, durability, possibly reliability, and therefore, hold value because it is a superior part? Tell us honestly how much you paid for it. I bet that you won't because you don't want anyone to know how badly you are trying to take someone. I never could stomach people who come onto gun boards with rare or hard to find parts and try to hawk them for outrageous prices. There is fair price and profit and there is gouging. I never have believed in or operated in the latter. Take your overpriced **** to ebay or gunbroker. If you owned a store, you'd probably be one of those people in a natural disaster who would sell foodstuffs and water for 5 times the price.
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    A rare, and out of production, piece,.....but over five times the original cost?
  4. -1 points
    It's not. That's not how things work, This is new in the package, unused. It is right on par with Geissele's other new offerings for equally priced platforms. I urge you to look at the MCX, Scar, or Sopmod trigger. The latter being $400, and still available! This is not. Thank you for your interest
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