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  1. 'Spec - Sounds like you're in it like I was 5 years ago and am again renewed as I take my next step in mod'ing the M4. I'd do some searches for "springs" and "trigger pull/weight" etc and see what this old forum has to offer. I did that on another topic and found myself reading for hours -- good stuff. That, and wait to see if some of the sages of this forum chime in. ATB, Birdog
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  2. With a TTI reduced power hammer spring I had several light primer strikes (FTF) using Fed or Win cheap bird shot (about 100 rounds). This was several years ago. I also installed the FFT trigger package (trig, hammer, dis-connector) at the same time. I went back to the OEM spring. I did like the pull with the TTI spring - definitely reduced weight. Felt good, but the occasional lack of a bang made it a no-go for me. I just notice that FFT uses Wolf springs...I wonder if they are better than TTI's springs. Anyone?
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  3. I use a TTI reduced power hammer spring. It's worked well so far (no ftf)
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