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  1. M1014/11701: Limited edition flag model. Comes with a oem collapsible stock that doesn’t function. The receiver extension is neutered to prevent function. Barrel does not have removable chokes. The original release of 1-2500 came with aluminum trigger frames. Current production flag editions outside of this initial release have polymer frames. Original release had a different barrel design that didn’t have the seating ring that mates against the receiver face. Handguards were slightly different as to account for this seat ring. 922(r) rules apply for modifying the shotgun’s capacity and collap
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  2. Don't know if it matters in your research but, mine is a 2014 Robar H20 that came with the 3 position receiver extension, solid pistol grip stock, aluminum trigger housing, 2 port barrel with the seating ring design, all the stuff you listed in the above 11707 model but mine is a 11718. If you're interested.
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