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  1. I removed both the sight and the rail; then, reversed the direction of the rail and cut off the overhang. This puts the optic where the sight was. Yes there are open holes where the rail used to sit. Has no effect.
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  2. Vertigo is correct. Just be aware that you will likely break the tips off of the rear sight housing screws upon removal. Usually they're reusable, but sometimes they're not. Benelli charges like 18 dollars each for them. I never bothered to seal the holes in mine. Never experienced any debris flying out of them.
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  3. Yes you can. We got one member here with rear and front sights removed. There's no screw threads. It is just a hole on the M4, so you would need plastic plugs. Three little holes are not going to matter. Shotguns in general are terribly sealed.
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  4. If it's happening with the bolt locked back the rattle will be the inertia spring behind the locking head within the bolt body. When the bolt is in battery, the locking head is pushed back against the spring. When locked back, the inertia spring is free to move back and forth. Not sure what it would be if the bolt is forward.
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