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  1. Lots of anger here. People need to chill. Thing is, both sides are probably right and it's not a simple black/white situation. Some were wronged and some had no issues. Each side will represent their own experience till their dying breath, because that's their own PERSONAL experience. Both sides have spoken their case and we can continue to toss anecdotals to the fire.
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  2. Just to throw an anecdote in here. I had a customer drive down from Los Angeles to meet up with me to do a receiver extension swap on his M1014 last Thursday. Well upon installation, I noticed that the collapsible stock was extremely sloppy on the extension. Like it would rock back and forth around 6 - 8 degrees. It would likely collapse without pushing the unlock button under recoil. We tried several stocks, the same issue was present on all of them. The notches appeared to have been milled improperly. I've swapped like a 100 of these over the years, and have never seen one do this before. Pr
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  3. Howdy folks, Glad to be here on the forum and thank you for having me. I have a mint condition safe queen M4 that I configured to be 922r compliant nearly 7 years ago. It has been seen very few rounds and has been sitting in the safe ever since. It features Kip's titanium 7+1 parkerized tube (w/US made follower & premium Wolf spring), a Geissele Super 90 hammer in steel matte and a FFT Industries disconnector (no longer sold separately it seems). I also paid ~$500 for the factory Benelli M1014 collapsible stock back in the day. I do not have the original box anymore but can ship
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  4. lol...Benelli parts is not is a side gig...dude...you have major anger issues...he gets these parts from Italy...again...he is not a dealer or a vendor...I can take payment from a credit card....what does that mean....did you ask for you money back...did he not give it to you. Again...it was a pre order...there is nothing saying that if he get 50 of an item, he can not keep and sell "x" many for himself...so where filled, some are waiting...you don't like it, get a return.. endless bitching is fun to listen to though
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  5. GM2376: at the time I submitted my pre-order AND MY MONEY at the beginning of September, the Benelliparts webpage stated the preorders were expected to be filled by the first part of November. Those pre-orders have still not been filled! Do you really think it is ethical business practice to have stocks in but not fill those pre-orders and instead sell them on Gunbroker? You really think this is fair to the customers who submitted their money in September? Really? Wow, remind me to never do business with you either. And what do you mean Benelliparts not a business? Looks like a busine
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