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  1. I have a YouTube channel and my videos are on gun mods and upgrades that are awesome. I would love to try one of these , who knows they might be amazing and worth it.
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  2. I just had this exact problem. This forum and it's members absolutely ROCK! It seems like I can find excellent information and advice every single time I check in here. Thanks everyone!!
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  3. Hey guys! Here is what i got currently. I would add a c stock but I'm in california, no go on the adjustable stock here. I got a fft titanium tube on the way, whenever those come back in stock. Considering maybe the oversized safety or tango forearm stippling. Anyone have those done, and is it worth it? Anything else i could/should do to my shotty? Lastly, how did i do? • FFT Steel 1/2" Charging Handle • FFT/Wolff Hi-Power Mag Spring • FFT Steel 7rd Tube, 922r • FFT Aluminum Follower, 922r • FFT Trigger Kit, 3x 922r • A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard, 922r • Mesa Urbino S
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  4. dang 95 bucks. Heck with that, I just ordered another blue force gear sling. I would like to try one but 2 X cost of the best out there? Benelli stuff hi but not throwing money away lol
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