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  1. Well I changed my mind and actually like it more. Guess it growing on me. Ordered an A and S trigger guard for it
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  2. I thought I would show the finished product. Now I have my original trigger with no modifications and my new trigger with all the upgrades I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Thanks to Stranger Danger for the help. Some side by side pictures below.
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  3. That’s unacceptable. I’d call and get them to replace it. Taran must be busy plowing Instagram models.
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  4. Finally got around to upgrading my Benelli's and rifles to the new Modlite weapon lights. This has been an massive increase in output compared to the M600IB lights I was using. I had looked at doing the M600DF models, but I wasn't very impressed with the output. For the Benelli's, I went with the PLHv2 lamp heads since they have a little more spill. With this upgrade I had to move over to the IWC weapon light mounts. I machined the tailcaps on the Benelli's to remove the shroud around the button. I'll get them Cerakoted eventually.
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  5. If you have some big money to invest, you could always turn your blue M4 into a real deal NP3 H2O.
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  6. The zombies are coming down the driveway, grab the shotgun,hurry. Not that one,it's to blue, find my black one.
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  7. Personally, I think you’re making a mistake. 15 years from now, people will be LOOKING for the blue receiver Benellis. People did the same thing with the plumb HK P7 pistols.
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  8. PROBLEM SOLVED!!! 😀 Schutzhund, Thanks for the reply! You would know better than I would. I was quickly perusing the M3 manual and probably missed it. As far as I know, it is the same stock system, but I cannot remove mine like they show with the M3 (from the top as that extra "U"-shaped cutout is not on my grip). I think part of my problem is the factory had the retaining nut torqued down so much, it was going to be impossible to move it with something like the bolt. I went ahead and purchased the "Vmotor Chrome Vanadium Adjustable C Spanner Hook Wrench Tool - 3/4-2
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  9. Love how the same dumbasses are acting like this is some cosmetic flaw and not a sign of a business operation not only having a quality control issue with color on a ver expensive item but not getting that if one thing is wrong, other things are possibly wrong. If these assclowns ordered a black corvette and got a blue corvette, Im sure they'd be sining a different tune. And if Chevy was like "oh we just have some variances in the color dept" people would not be letting it slide. It means they messed up somewhere with the anodizing process. It has nothing to do with the usmc, All the M4s I've
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