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    www.ammoseek.com is your friend. Showing a handful of vendors with Federal Truball slugs.
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    The 11711 is getting pretty rare and expensive. They’re good for collectors, but probably not the best choice if you’re a shooter. Back when they were initially released, Benelli didn’t do a good job fitting some of the parts together and caused some function issues. Plus building your own lets you plate a lot more parts and your accessories than a factory one will.
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    Are you sure the width of the hammer is the issue? A hammer disconnector hook that is too tall can hold the hammer back like the picture you posted – but you will NOT be able to pull the hammer back up the correct position after cocking the hammer. If you CAN pull the hammer up into the correct “cocked” position then the “too wide” diagnosis is probably the right one. Coat the hammer with a black or blue Sharpie marker then install it. Functioning the hammer a few cycles will wear the marker color and show you where any contact is occurring.
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    That's kinda where I'm at now. I figure $45 isn't a lot compared to how much I've already spent on this gun haha
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    I know it sounds odd but that's what I used. I didn't actually cut, it was more of a scraping. I gently wore down the flash line from the casting along the 2 long edges of the sling slot. Very little needed to be removed for the clearance I needed. At first I was going to use a very small flat file but I was concerned that it would be too aggressive and leave marks.
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    Be decisive man! Keep both! 😉 OK, OK. Keep the green.
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    The limited edition M1014’s all have the neutered receiver extension. The only other model to have the neutered extension was the first release of the 11703. This model was the one that came with the 4 port barrels that everyone hated. My burnt bronze started out as this. Benelli released a 11703 model later on which came with the field stock. These ones had the correct 3 position extensions. I want to say that occurred around 2014.
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    Had this happen on a 20ga. M2. Yeah, I tried the alcohol wipe-down. No joy. You could take a fingernail and bite into the plastic. I figured an improper mix/cure process on the material. Called Benelli. They sent me a new stock.
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    Yeah, the way I look at it is, as much as I love it, now is not the time for me to be doing rec. shooting depleting my stores to under what I consider a minimum, when the future availability and fair pricing is so uncertain for the calibers I shoot. Now if I can find it and get it first, then I'll resume the activity.
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    Fair enough, these platforms are a money pit!
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    @ClackClackBAM So I just recently bought the FFT fore grip myself. My set, which was black, has an okay fit and finish. I think I will be cutting some of the material at a later point to make it fit better. Since there aren't many options for 922(r) compliance, I can't complain too much. I do think that the OEM is a better fit/finish than FFT. The OEM has a more solid and textured feeling.
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    I'd rather not get the A&S if I don't have to. And I'm all set on 922(r). There has to be a way to make this fit the OEM housing.
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    Just get an A&S housing and be done with it. That’s what I had to do with mine as the polymer factory one was just too tight.
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    Be aware that there are newly produced M1014’s that have the flag stamp on the receiver. They will not have the serial markings of 1-2500. The original M1014 has the 2 port barrels. It won’t have a removable choke and there are some design differences where the barrel seats against the receiver and inside the receiver where the barrel extension seats near the top of the receiver. Since the barrel doesn’t have that larger seating face, the handguards are slightly different than the newer production models. The original M1014 has a cast aluminum trigger frame where as the newer production models are polymer. Changes in the finish of parts will be noted. Such as the ARGO plugs may appear different. Anodizing has varied over the years. The M1014 will come with a neutered receiver extension that will not permit the collapsible stock to collapse. The older collapsible stocks use Phillips screws on the cheek riser instead of the newer allen head design.
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    I think you have an issue someplace around your hammer spring cap. I might be wrong though bc I thought that pushed up on the hammer engaging it where it is supposed to be. Anyway a group swap is easy especially with Stranger here. Look at this tutorial and see if it nudges your either way.
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    If you are still looking for one, PM me. I just bought one last week from a dealer and I think they had one more H20 and 2 black. DeepSix
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    Thanks, will defiantly get one!
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    Here's a better comparison. I'm now learning towards the green.
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    I have the Carlsons 84130 (Cylinder) on the way. I ordered it a few weeks ago with some other chokes and at that time they were out. But they called a few days ago to say some had come in and they were ready to ship. If you have never dealt with Carlsons (choketube.com), they are a great outfit. Phone calls to check you ordered the right thing, nice printed color catalog, etc. Lots of others resell their stuff too.
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    It's a Blue Force Gear Vickers sling.
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    Looks like a Blue Force Gear sling.
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    Thanks so much but I've got the front end done. Trying to save all the funds i have for the stock as that is what is most iconic to get the look right for me. I'll try there but I also dont have an account on that forum so would need to sign up first haha.
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    I ended up buying a spare card then mounting it to my gun. While I like it because it's so low profile, I am having a hard time justifying why I need the extra weight. Plus I sorta prefer the look of the gun without it on there.
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    That’s the handguard, but I no longer use it. I switched to the Briley one. Shell holder I got off eBay. Don’t recall from who. They’re called stage savers, so do a search and you’ll find many versions. The light can mount either on the IWC QD mount or in the MLok handguard also using an IWC mount made for the Surefire Scout light.
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    Top to bottom: GGG, Taran, GGG, Tac2 Nordic round
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    I've tried both. They each worked just fine and I didn't have any issues arise with either. The GGG machines a slot in the factory release mechanism that orients the button properly. The Tac2 doesn't do that. While I never had problems with either, personally I went with the round Nordic button (you have to do your own drill/tap for that one). The factory mechanism's post is a press fit into the internal mechanism and can loosen with use or a direct hit on the release button. If that happens, the rectangular release buttons on the Tac2 & GGG can kind of spin around and get out of position and interfere with your operation of the bolt. If the release button is round and it spins around there's no similar ill effect. That's my story anyway.
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    You’re right. The 16mm makes more sense. I think I used the 8’s when the Noveske adapter plate is in play.
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    If you ordered from Optics Planet they are known for taking orders with the impression that it is in stock only to delay shipping while they wait to receive the part. It's hit or miss with them. I gotten stuff quickly and waited for months.
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    Well, I finally received the Noveske QD plate after 2 months of waiting for shipping. Something to do with the Covid BS. Anyway, I disassembled the stock sling plate assembly and upon installing the QD plate I noticed the hole for the stock retaining Stud/bolt was larger. I had to place a washer behind the QD plate so the stud/bolt would work. Not a problem but wasn’t expecting that. Overall it worked great.
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    There should be philips screws inside those holes. Apply some lube to the screw driver and it will press in to the hole. Push firmly as you unscrew the screw.
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    There are two solutions I have found. The Super Nova tactical receiver is drilled and tapped with holes to mount a rail on top of the receiver. The gun comes with the holes plugged. Mesa tactical makes a rail/shell holder combo that can mount to those holes. If you go this way, the light would be on top. If you don't like that, you have to add a magtube extender. I bought one from Carlsons but Nordic makes them too. Then you can mount a rail on the extended mag tube. You don't actually have to use the mag tube to increase capacity. You can simply use it as an extended barrel nut. This is what I am doing. You certainly can change to a longer spring and have increased capacity but if you do that, the spring comes out every time you remove the barrel. top rail https://www.mountsplus.com/mesa-tactical-benelli-supernova-side-saddle-sureshell-6l.html Carlson extender https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/carlsons-benelli-novasuper-nova-12-gauge-7-shot-magazine-extension-steel-black-04502/FC-723189045029.html tr-rail, 1: size fits carlson tube https://www.mountsplus.com/l&m-shotgun-magazine-tube-rail-mount.html
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    I’ll see what I can do when I’m at home in a few days. Getting them over to Imgur would resolve it.
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    Yes it does. I use a transfer punch to tap it out due to its length. Most punches aren't long enough.
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    Correct, even the washers. Everything was sent except the spring, buttpad, cheek pad and rubber grip. The longer screws M4 .7 thread pitch x 8mm for the Limbsaver 10403 were sent. I even knocked out the screws from the OEM buttpad. The IWC QD Mount which isn’t shown was also done.
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    I just got a 11707 and it had the 3-pos. stock tube. My firearm was either a late 2019 or early 2020 production, so I believe they are still being included.
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    I really can't answer your questions but may add to the mystery more.....mine is a early-2014 made gun that Robar did as an H2O version and it was purchased in California with the fixed pistol grip stock, not a C-stock or fixed C-stock but it has the 3 position tube. I'm away from home at the moment so I can't look at the box end that I kept which has the model# on it.
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    https://www.midwayusa.com/product/100531033?pid=667570&cm_vc=OBv1 https://www.opticsplanet.com/nordic-components-shotgun-barrel-clamp-with-tac-rail-12ga.html Barrel clamp with small pic rail. Nordic
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    PROBLEM SOLVED!!! 😀 Schutzhund, Thanks for the reply! You would know better than I would. I was quickly perusing the M3 manual and probably missed it. As far as I know, it is the same stock system, but I cannot remove mine like they show with the M3 (from the top as that extra "U"-shaped cutout is not on my grip). I think part of my problem is the factory had the retaining nut torqued down so much, it was going to be impossible to move it with something like the bolt. I went ahead and purchased the "Vmotor Chrome Vanadium Adjustable C Spanner Hook Wrench Tool - 3/4-2"(19-51mm)" from Amazon (link in previous post). The holes are 4mm in diameter, so the other wrenches on that page would be too big (correct size highlighted in screenshot with pricing). It's only $11. I'm guessing they use something similar to this in the factory. It loosened the nut with virtually no effort. The surface is wide enough, it doesn't mar the polymer top of the grip (although I'm sure over time I will start to see a little shine from it, but that is no big deal). It also allowed me to easily torque the grip back on so it won't loosen while shooting. I'll just keep this in my gun case with the gun. Hopefully this helps if anyone else runs into this. I still think Benelli needs to do a better job with providing information about this, especially on the pump SuperNova that doesn't have any sort of charging handle. Jeff
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    On the M3 that has the same stock, my friend uses his charging handle from the bolt. But as yours is a pump action maybe you could try a screwdriver that fits into the hole.
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    I think I saw that gun on a video game once....
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    Here is the entire Trigger Assembly disassembled.
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