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  1. I think this will be tricky and would be surprised if Benelli did not purposefully engineer these to not be compatable. Also, in my experience, if you mess around with original engineering with an "aftermarket" approach, something is compromised - usually reliability - like cycling dynamics, recoil dispersion, etc. Your effort to make a very good thing better, could backfire. Best luck, interested to know where you go with this. Why not just get a pre-ban collapsable stock like the M3T Super 90 Folding Stock - pricey but will do what you want. Stay safe...

  2. The 1014 has a thick military barrel (thicker than the M4, I believe) and no interchangeable chokes are used or available. One size fits all, including slugs. The M1014 barrel more closely replicates the military gun in use than the M4, except of course civilians are not allowed the collapsible stock. It also is a limited edition run (2500) designated by the laser-etched American Flag on the receiver.


    The M4 is basically the same gun in a larger production run but uses interchangeable chokes in a thinner-walled barrel, something unlikely to be used in a tactical military environment.

  3. On the subject of the 2 shot extension tube - the existing spring works. And BTW, the addition of the extension tube is in direct violation of the Brady Bill. It is a felony to have over 5 shots in the mag on a shotgun with a pistol grip on a post-ban gun. You woud have to change to the fixed stock with no pistol grip to be legal on the extension tube. Just a friendly fyi - better you hear it from me than mr. policeman.

  4. I have a sling suggestion. Try CQB Solutions - their SOP Sling, Universal model. wwwcqbsolutions.com; 559 635 1172 - ask for Jeff - he is really helpful. It is extra thick - 1.5", so it is really comfortable, yet the attachment points are smaller so they fit standard sling attachments. The SOP fits weapons with existing slide sling loops or swivels. It attaches through the rear vertical loop on the collapsing stock and the front sling loop. It also has a quick release and ability to do quick side to side transitions. Like none other I have seen. BTW, their site was down at the moment temporarily. Be persistent. Stay safe.

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