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  1. Originally posted by kpiller:

    chasman, I don't know if you read my post earlier. I am having the same problem. My SBE is apprx 3 years old. It will NOT fire 3Dram rounds through it without jamming. Don't listen to anyone who says you have to shoot a heavier load through it for it to work.


    There are 3 other guys on my trap team shooting SBEs and they have 0 problems. We all shoot the same loads. Locking pin wasn't the answer either.

    Thanks and good luck

    I am going to try putting a lighter sprin in the stock and see if that is the problem.


    For $1200 I am mighty pissed about this, but am not giving up.


    I will post my results...

  2. Bought a new SBE ejects spent shell will not cycle 2nd after the first few rounds; used 3 1/4 dr.eq 7/8 oz 8 shot, approx 300 rds fired (did not enjoy it at all). Rushed my purchase for a dove shoot this coming weekend, man am I disappointed. Went shooting w/ the guy sold my 1100 to and he laughed at me all day. He said maybe I could trade my new $1200 Benelli for a used 1100 Ouch!!! I was aware of light load jamming so the salesman at Galyans sold me the above mentioned rounds. Any suggestions other than new gun or high brass at doves. please help soon. Very very disappointed first time shooter and owner of a Benelli.

  3. Thanks everybody for the help. Bought the SBE matte finish w/ 28 in barrel. Shot it and loved it: did have a little trouble with jams while using light loads as as was warned.

  4. Going to buy a new autoloader Benelli, will use mostly for dove and skeet, may use for geese, turkey, deer. Which model and barrel length. This will be my first Benelli please help me make the best choice. Thanks

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