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  1. Well it was certainly not designed to not shoot :p


    But in all seriousness it can be a very frustrating problem, the thing I would say is to make sure that the grooves in the "barrel extension" that the bolt rotates into are very clean and you lube the bolt and rails well. I have gotten into the habit of checking if the bolt was fully rotated if I don't release from a full stroke, and just tap on the bolt handle if it isn't all the way in.


    Great reply!


    My last 'click' was maybe 20 years ago, and it stopped when I learned how to clean the gun properly. Clean and lube the lock up area, and there should be no problem.


    Funny how someone says their 1201F's were great, I had two, neither would cycle despite numerous trips back to Beretta. The 1201F probably worked fine with short powerful loads, but we couldn't get either one to work with standard waterfowl loads. Sold both for scrap value, and I was fine with that...


    If all the Benellis didn't work, I think they would have gone out of business many years ago....



  2. Barrel length does matter. Longer barrels tend to throw a more dense pattern. It's easily proven on the patterning board. Up to 10%+ on some guns, which could mean 40+ more pellets on target. Go to a still target turkey shoot and see how many 18.5-24" bbls you see. Not many.


    That being said, it probably doesn't matter to most turkey hunters, as most guys will throw a killing pattern with a decent turkey choke and one of the many excellent turkey loads out there.


    And, maybe a super dense pattern is not all that great? Easy to miss at 15 yards with a pattern the size of a softball. A nice even pattern out to 40 yards might be just right.


    As to a red dot, I shot this year with a Burris Fast Fire II, and I'm not 100% sold on it. Kilt a bunch of toms, but hate worrying about the battery, bumping it, and it's hard to track a moving bird. Missed a KS double chance because it was almost impossible to find the second bird. Would have been easier with open sights...



  3. I've had no luck patterning any 24" Benelli barrel for turkey guns. 28's have thrown much more dense turkey patterns for me.


    No such issues with wingshooting guns for me so far...

  4. Last December, I had the barrel ring shear off the gun on a duck hunt. Benelli repaired it at no charge. Just last week, I took it out and the sling swivel fell off the magazine cap.


    There were barrel ring issues with early M1's & SBE's. My 1991 SBE cracked a ring in 2000 after maybe 15,000 steel shot loads. Same deal, fixed by Benelli USA at no charge, upgraded ejector plate, yada, yada :)


    The sling swivel retaining washer is maybe a $.10 part. Call them if you want a new cap, they might send you one, or just tap the washer back in place. I found a new washer that fit from the trays of parts at Home Depot or Lowes.


    Receiver wear is a non-issue to me. It looked bad after a few years, but it got no worse after that....

  5. And from your experience, what the best combo/ammo to use with the Jellyhead on an SBEII open sight...hopefully I can get her patterned in before 'opener'

    I wanted to ask a few other questions via 'pm' but i'm not over my 15 posts yet lol re: SBEII and firing slugs out of her

    Thanks for all your help so far


    H-13 6's, Win XR 6's, maybe even plain old lead Win HV 6's. I'd try them in 3" & 3.5". Magnum Blend might be good as well.


    Much depends on your gun, so you will probably just have to try some different shells and see what your gun prefers :)

  6. Really good photo, what kind of equipment are you using?




    I'm a big fan of mid-range Cannon stuff, and I'm using the SX130 IS right now. I've stuck with this line going back to the SX100 IS a few years ago. A bit bulky, but I like the photos I get from it.


    Supposed to be $229, but Best Buy has it for $179 on occasion....

  7. I was more concerned with ruining something in the tube - but my guess is it won't make that much of a difference. Maybe I can get it brazed to make a nice loop..


    Probably a non-issue if you put the clipped end against the retaining nut. Brazing would be nice. A little Dremel work could clean it up too...

  8. I was wondering if I find the +25% spring not able to cycle 1-1/8 brass if I can use a wire cutter to snip a couple turns off of it on the nut end.





    I think that might work. Worst case, you ruin a $10-$12 spring.


    Btw, the +25% Wolff is a beast of a spring. Even some of my 3" turkey loads won't always cycle :) Of course, they are 3" H-13, so you never really know how much powder EM uses on a given day, depends on their mood I think...

  9. Hello,


    I am going to mount a scope on my new Super Vinci and I notice the caps where the barrel is tapped for a scope do not have a screw slot. Do these just pop out from the bottom?


    Thanks for the help.



  10. Has anyone been patterning Winchester XR or Magnum Blend through a 3" sbe2 or m2 with a .660 jellyhead


    Yes. I enlisted the technical testing services of this individual just a few hour ago. When asked what he thought of the SBE II + 3" MB - JH .660, he offered 'no comment' :D




    I'm really happy with my SBE II these days. I have strayed in search of the magic gun, but I should always remember my roots with Benelli, going back to my first SBE in 1989.


    The real issue is that out to 40 yards, most guns are equal. The right choke and load in any gun should work within reasonable ranges.


    I found a sleeper with the 3" MB & JH .660.


    For the Win XR's, I prefer the 3.5" #6's with the JH .660 or Rhino .660. I kilt more than one tom with the XR + Rhino combo....

  11. Since the horse isn't quite dead yet, just got a message from a very nice gal that shops at Mack's on a regular basis, and she lives about an hour south of the store. She said they had at least 30 cases of Blind Side 3" #2's in the store in November of 2010. Her dad bought a case, and she bought some open stock. It was on the floor in cases, and priced in each boxes on the shelf. She said it ran out before the season ended.


    Almost certainly it was the leftover from some sort of limited run from Winchester, but nonetheless, it was still available at one retail store :D



  12. Benelli already had a limited run of SBE II's with Duck Blind Camo. I picked one up about a year ago, new in the box, but it was hard to find. From what I heard they made 500 of them, and that was it. Max4 is too bright for me, but the duck blind looks sweet on the SBEII.


    Yep, I saw them somewhere, maybe Scheels? Cabela's? It looked very nice.


    I agree, the Banana Yellow Max 4 is too bright, and it gets brighter and more shiny over time :( :D

  13. That's a awful nice bird you got there, Mudhen. Those are some daggers on that ol' boy. Nice..You use the SBE ll and the 3'' shells? Way to go..Mike




    Yep, the SBE II is back in action, 3" H-13 Magnum Blend, Jellyhead .660, bird was hammered....


    Have not used 3" shells for turkeys in 20+- years, now I'll probably never go back :)

  14. Nice one!

    I didn't know you ranging this far east now.

    Any plans for VA?


    Sorry, I didn't mean a Florida bird, this is a Cali bird, I just meant much smaller spurs than that huge Florida bird posted already :)


    No Virginia plans yet, but will try for my Osceola in March of 2012...

  15. I'm still waiting for the day when someone walks up to me and says "Hey I want you hunt this new gun that hasn't been released yet, and let me know what you think."


    Forget going to school to be a Paramedic, I want the tester's job!


    Pre-release testing is very common, but kept pretty quiet. I heard about the Super Vinci the same day they announced the Vinci, but no one believed me.


    If the Super Vinci comes out in Mossy Oak Bottomland soon, I'm in big trouble :o


    There's another rumor for someone to bash me about. Benelli has worked out a deal to carry guns in Mossy Oak camo and Real Tree camo. Should be announced soon. Big box stores have already been doing this for years, and the results are good I hear.


    How well do you think the Super Vinci will sell in Mossy Oak Duck Blind :D

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