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  1. Bought a SG for my SBE II a few years back.


    Sold it shortly thereafter.


    Kicks like a mule with the stock recoil pad. SG is not ComforTech.


    Can't shim a SG stock, so POI was waaaay off POA. I guess I could have put a sight on it, but I prefer to shoot turkeys with open sights.


    Sling attaches via a slot in the plate that holds the stock in place. Not a great method of attachment in my opinion.


    Looked cool though. To do over, I might have kept it and put a Blurris Fast Fire II on it, especially since the gun was factory drilled & tapped....

  2. I finally got out and shot the new Hevi-Shot choke tube. I was shooting from 40 yards and measuring the pellets in an 11" circle. I shot my best group using the Remington Hevi-shot 3" #6. I put 177 pellets in the 11" circle. The next best was the Hevi-shot 3 1/2 #6, with 158 pellets in the 11" circle. I was initially dissapointed with the results, until I read an article in the April issue of Outdoor Life. The article compared the test results of the Hevi-shot choke with several other brands of choke tubes using different loads. The test results were consistent with the results that I exprerienced, with the exception that they performed the test at 40 yards measuring the pellets in a 12" circle instead of 11". If I counted the pellets around the perimeter of the circle the results would have been pretty much the same. The test results from Outdoor Life showed the Hevi-shot combo out performed the others tested. I haven't tested the other chokes that they were using, but I can say that there test results were consistent with mine and that the Hevi-shot choke definitely out performs the Jellyhead that I wanted to replace.


    In my opinion, what bird is going to survive 158-177 pellets in the 11" at 40 yards? None :)


    You have a pretty good pattern I think!


    While I am always searching for the golden pattern, I always try to remember that birds move, flinch, duck, etc. and maybe a more full & even pattern at 40 yards is not such a bad thing.


    Add in a few close up misses with patterns the size of a soft ball, and maybe there is something to be said for the nice even pattern?....


    Good luck!

  3. mudhen, someone was pullin your leg, but whatever! Bourjaily from Field and Stream went to Nilo Farms and shot some flighted ducks with it late last year so I see where you may have read about it and there were some pictures in the article and again in another article on Jan 2011 on Shotgun World forum complete with pictures of the packaging. http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=243614


    That said, it has never been sold to the public and is set to be introduced to retail around June of this year.


    Winchester didn't officially make the announcement until the 2011 SHOT SHOW.


    You said: "$19.95 per 25 at Mack's most of last waterfowl season. I've got a case ordered for this season."


    When I read about it I did inquire with Erin at Mack's and did find it kind of funny, after reading your post, that Mack's isn't taking any orders because they've never had it? Oh well, such the life of a duck hunter.


    I do want to get some and no one has any info yet in Fresno. Could I get the name & phone number of your dealer because I'll be in Sacramento most of next week and I would like to order a case for myself. That would be much appreciated.:)


    Me pay attention to anything written in Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Week Old News, etc :confused: Not a chance...


    See my previous reply above for my take on where the stuff might have come from.


    As to dealers, you are on your own to do your own homework, that's how I do it. Keeping specific info to myself is how I keep many of these contacts.


    Just like I'm sure 'Erin' at Mack's appreciated your phone call, my dealers just love those types of calls. "I heard on the Interweb that you have such & such, now I want some too". I have Marion's e-mail address, but I'm not going to be an idiot and ask him if he carried demo ammo last season....


    My dealer called me in January from a test range in Texas where he was shooting Blind Side, and asked me if I thought he should stock it. I said sure, and that I would take a least one case this fall. That's it. That's all there is to the story. The dealer I use for most of my purchases is in Redding, so maybe check the Redding area in Sept/Oct for availability? As soon as I know it to be in stock, I'll post up!


    I have been hearing more and more about the upcoming use of Hex Shot. Apparently more and more ammo manufacturers are really looking into this option....

  4. Hey hattles check it out,

    I was trying to find some reviews on this Blind Side ammo and I found this:


    From what it looks like, Winchester released a limited amount of this stuff to the public around December and January because they wanted to build a field report before the 2011 Shot Show.


    Leave it to the smart guy from Manteca to find a link :)


    That has to be what happened, because all the reports I heard were about 3" #2's.


    My dealer shot it at a Texas trade show in January, and he said they had pallets of cases of 3" #2 Blind Side at the shooting range for dealers to test. He says that all his distributors are pushing it hard for 2011, and trying to get orders now.


    Several folks have reported that Mack's had full CASES of 3" #2's in the shop for sale, so it is logical to presume that someone at Winchester managed to get some of this limited run shipped to Mack's.


    So the author lady was sent 3" #2's to demo.


    My dealer shot 3" #2's directly from a full case.


    I've read several reports that Mack's had 3" #2's for sale in the store.


    I sure could be wrong, but the facts suggest that Blind Side was available in Dec/Jan, albeit in limited supply, and that at least one retailer had it for sale during that time :)

  5. mudhen, c'mon man...this is a brand new Winchester release and Mack's doesn't sell it. They never have because it's never been on the market before. I'm sure they will have it this fall when Winchester releases it.


    "You do know they don't just invent an item and release for sale the next day, right?" DUH! I suspect that is why it's not on the retail shelves yet!


    Sorry pal, but I wasn't born yesterday either.


    This is straight off of the Winchester website:


    Winchester® Ammunition is introducing one of the most innovative shotshell loads in the brand’s 144-year history....AVAILABILITY, FALL, 2011...not 2010 or 2009 but 2011...you must be mistaken or ???


    You might not have been born yesterday, but you are not that well informed on this one. While I did not travel to Mack's retail store personally, there were many reports from shooters in Dec & Jan that Blind Side #2's were for sale for $19.95 per 25, and the reviews were very positive. I never saw them on the website though. Maybe a limited test run? I saw photos of the shells & boxes. Dealers have been placing Fall 2011 orders since iit was first announced in late 2010. My dealer says delivery is for Sept.

  6. That's tough to do considering Winchester is introducing it in the fall of 2011(that's later this year) and hasn't released the first box to the retail market yet.

    I've read that one tester said it'll be priced in the $17 - $22 per box range. That means I'll be looking for a sale or just continue shooting my reliable Xpert loads.:D



    Sorry pal, but Mack's had Blind Side this past season, and many gave it good reviews.


    You do know they don't just invent an item and release for sale the next day, right?

  7. Nice!


    Saw those hooks over on Old Gobbler the other day.


    T minus just a few hours for our season to open, so we'll see if I can post up anything with a Kasier Kall in the photo :)


    My best was a #499 Eastern a few years ago :(



  8. I shot my SBE 2 with a 26" barrel this evening....results with 2 different loads, measured true 40yds to target.


    Federal Flite Control #5 shot/2oz @ 40yds 99 pellets in a 10" circle (factory full choke)


    Hevi-13 #6 shot/1 3/4oz @ 40yds 152 in a 10" circle (Hevi shot choke .667)


    note: I did not clean the barrel or chokes, not sure if clean barrel makes better pattern or not?


    Im looking forward to see the Hevi-13 performance on a long beard next month in Md.


    Chrome lined barrels will benefit a bit from a good cleaning, but don't polish! Bore Shine works well.


    I have found the 3" 2 oz H-13 loads to be far superior to their 1.75 oz loads, and many Benellis are doing well with 3" Magnum Blend in .660-.670 chokes.


    Good luck!

  9. What I want to know is how you found all those new bolt handles during your hunt, those usually arent easy to come by.


    I carry three spare Browning Silver bolt handles with me after breaking the first one in 2007 or so. Haven't needed a second one yet :)


    The problem with a Franky is that it's a Franky :D

  10. mudhen


    how much of a varience to you really see between h13 loads in regards to your POI, right now i am shooting the 2 1/4 oz number 7s and had to add a fast fire 2 because i was shooting about 8 inches to the right but with the win xtended range 2 oz 6s i was shooting right on....is this normal...i also shoot a sbe2 with a jellyhead


    As much as 15" vertical with different H-13 loads. Biggest gap was between H-13 and MB.

  11. Mudhen - Why Browning can sell the Maxus for more than the silver even though it cost less to produce is simple.......called percieved value. Most of us have no idea what the actual manufacturing costs of our firearms are, so pricing is always in the hands of the seller.


    I asked why they do it, not why can they can get away with it.



  12. Your problem is not unheard of.


    You have done more than enough to make the gun cycle.


    From what I have heard, it may be a timing issue. The live shell is being released too early, and preventing proper ejection. Can't recall for sure, but it may have to do with a worn part in the trigger group.


    March is a perfect time to send the gun back to Benelli for inspection.


    Good luck!

  13. Mudhen, how about you do something else than get on these forums to criticize people. You would think even in your pathetic little life you would be able to find something better to do.


    Plain and simple. You don't get to come here, and with your first post, tell anyone what to do. Those are the rules. Period. And if you don't like it, you can get in line at the refund department too :)


    Besides, I gave him good info, all you did was whine....


    Now you can go back to your WoW tournament until mom calls you up from your room in the the basement for dinner :D

  14. The super vinci/vinci line will never replace the sbe II/m2 line for the simple fact that it will never have a slug barrel. There are many people out there who really need a slug barrel option to make the purchase, including myself. With the vinci design, there will probably never be a slug barrel. The receiver of a gun is considered the actual "gun". So, thats where the serial number goes. The super vinci/vinci line has the receiver connected to the barrel. So, they cant just sell a barrel/receiver piece for the super vinci/vinci with no serial number or someone could go out buy one, slap it on their vinci or super vinci and the gun would have no serial number. From what I've heard Benelli is trying to work around this issue, but not much progress is being made. I really hope they do get around this though because I really do think the super vinci will be a tremendous shotgun!


    My SBE's & SBE II's have serial #'s on the barrels, that are also attached to the upper receiver.


    Why would Benelli not just make a dedicated Vinci slug gun :confused:


    The Vinci was clearly made for a reason. Probably to eliminate the minor issues of the SBE II, but almost certainly to lower the cost of the unit, and still be able to charge full price, and therefore try to recover years of margin lost to the unfavorable exchange rate of the dollar vs. the Euro.


    Beretta Holdings owns Benelli Spa & Benelli USA. Someone is losing their arse in the deal, so some cash has to be found somewhere!!!


    The Browning Maxus cost less to make than the Browning Silver, yet the Maxus MSRP is $170 more. Anyone know why? Bueller? Bueller? Has anyone seen Ferris Bueller?......

  15. am new here in San Diego. (A transplant from Southwest Louisiana due to work) I am looking for good information on San Diego area waterfowling public lands, hunting clubs and random information regarding waterfowling in this area. I know there are a lot of people that will give answers that don't apply, please refrain, no offense. I also know the season is drawing to a close but any info would be great.



    No offense, but I'll post whatever I want within the rules of this forum, no offense mind you :D


    If you don't like anyone's reply, just ask Benelli USA for a refund of the dues you paid to be here :)


    As for SoCal hunting, you will have much better luck asking around at places like Jesse's Hunting Page....

  16. he won't order until I can tell him why the Benelli has a different bore size compared to other 12 ga shotguns


    So it will work :)


    Tell him to read up on the inertia driven system of Benelli. It requires a certain bore to function. If you bore out a Benelli enough, it will stop cycling.


    Bore ID runs all over the place on Benellis, always has, always will as long as the boring bit costs big $$$.


    Spec ID is .723, but I've seen them all the way down to .718, and I own a .719 SBE II. They start with a new bore cutter at .723, and go from there.


    Blame Franky for making the barrels this way :D


    I know turkey hunters that will mic a Benelli before buying it. Of course, the new sugar shot has really helped Benelli's skinny bores....

  17. Just messing around with chokes and shells yesterday, and found a decent pattern hiding in the middle of all the 3.5" H-13 & Indian Creek chokes. My SBE II has been pushed aside by a BPS & 300+- at 40 yards for a couple of years now, but I think 240+- with 3" Magnum Blend + a $40 Jellyhead might just be good enough. Not a perfect pattern, but I can't see a tom surviving either pattern. What do you guys think?


    Much nicer to shoot for sure, 3" are almost a joy compared to the 3.5". I can still print 60+- more pellets with the 3.5", but I'm starting to like the softer shots! And, they print pretty much centered to the POA:




    She might be going on the road again this year:


  18. All three are #6's. I have been using the 3.5" 1.75oz #6 in the gun last season the half the season before. THey pattern the best out of anything that I have patterned! ALso the #5's weren't to shabby either.




    180 #6's of Win XR at 40 yards is not too shabby :)

  19. I was very dissapointed


    How many birds have you killed with Win XR?


    What size pellet was used for that photo?


    I have shot a few brds with XR & H-13, and honestly, I think XR is much more effective at killing a bird quickly. I love the pattern density of the H-13 6/7, but I've had a few soft shots with them in the past few seasons, and I have no recollection of this happening with XR's.


    We'll see what happens this season though....

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