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  1. I'm about to begin the testing process for 2011. I've got a new 870 SM with a Blurris Fast Fire waiting for some range time, as is the SBE II with some sort of optics, maybe a Bushnell Red Dot, maybe a Fast Fire.


    I want to get the SBE II back in action with the Win XR, which I believe is a better load than the H-13, even though I shoot H-13 currently. I am just not sold on a 1090 fps load, and I miss the consistant hammering the Win XR handed out!


    I'm looking for these types of patterns from all of my guns:





  2. Butt, butt, butt it says "Benelli" on it!


    and it pops right into the stock! and I`m sure it`s not going to pop right out when I`m busting tules chasin wild roosters! :rolleyes: and it doesn`t have that nice hard ridge that hits me in the collarbone everytime I touch off a 3 1/2"


    I`ll try to get used to shooting without the "offset" the Gel Pad that has been in the case since I tried shooting it has, I can only hope I`ll be ok.


    But seriously, I kind of like the way it mounts up to my shoulder. I`m going to try a few rounds with it on before I SCREW my Limbsaver back in.


    It's a $.50 pad at best. Hard as a rock. Real shame Benelli won't put a better pad on that non-CT stock.


    Maybe my CT stuff will fail someday. Maybe if I hunted as hard as you, my stuff would fail :D

  3. I bought a new SBII last year. I want to go turkey hunting this year. Can someone reccommend a good choke? I seen some crio turkey choke on benelli's site, is that good? Also maybe a recommendation on what ammo I might try.




    This subject has been going round and round for years.


    The real issue is that Benelli bores are all over the bored. Get it?, bored :D


    You don't really know what you have unless it's mic'ed. You might have a .718 that is finicky. You might have a .723 that is easy to work with.


    I have found that SBE's need a little field work to find out what works best.


    What kills one bird, might not work for the rest. If you are a weekend warrior, and might only get out a few times, then the factory full or some cheapy choke like the Undertaker might work.


    But if you seriously pursue them, these cheap options might let you down some day.


    There are three aftermarket chokes that seem to be pretty well accepted in the turkey community for the SBE II:


    Primos Jellyhead .660

    Rhino .660

    Indian Creek .660+-


    All of these with any decent new wave #6's or #7's, should work fine.


    H-13 seems to big pretty popular, and I've shot around $1000 worth of it, but it's slow at 1090 fps, and not perfect in my opinion. I will probably keep shooting it for now, but I still think the Winchester Xtended Range shells at 1225 fps are a good option.


    All of these things can be bought at places like:








    This place is great, but there is much more turkey info at www.oldgobbler.com


    Good luck!

  4. Mudhen,


    How do you like the BigFoot Spec decoys? Took a couple cases to my buds in Arkansas last year, they laughed at first. This year they had me bring three more cases from Rogers.


    I laffed when I first saw them too. I don't laff anymore. Picking up 4 or 8 more tomorrow from SW :) My best speck year since 1998...

  5. I just bought an SBE II and when the Super Vinci came out I began to question the purchase. With that said, the SBE II has been proven, and most of the bugs have been worked out of it. I cannot speak about the Vinci as I have not handled one. However, with it being a "new" design, I would wait on the Vinci until any teething problems are addressed.


    Remington just came out with their Versa Max, and they already have a recall on some of the hammers in the guns.


    You pay your money and take your choice.


    Remington fixed the glitch quick and the Versa-Max has been in shops for weeks. Looks like Benelli makes it for them.


    I think we had better like the Vinci series, word has it that it's the replacement for the SBE series. But, I also have heard about an SBE III, so who really knows what the future holds :confused:

  6. But as long as it fits the pin and wedges in tight against the bolt, a replacement should work.


    What he said!


    I take the pin into the harware store, and search the little drawers full of special parts. I think it's a special o-ring though, reinforced maybe?

  7. Wait,,till the new Super Vincis are out,,,,they will be giving any type of SBEs away.


    Early rumors are that the SBE II series may be on it's way out :(


    Some claim replaced by the Super Vinci, some say replaced by an SBE III :)


    I guess time will tell....

  8. Tons of birds in our area, I mean tons, but they are just potted up, happy as clams, not flying much.


    For me, this is about the time everything winds down anyway. It's duck season on the calendar, but these birds are tired of being chased, and will sit with live birds 23 hours a day now. They can be shy of everything. I'll still hunt hard through the close, but I've had a good season, and the blood-lust is starting to fade for me.....


    Wish this guy had more of a bald pate:



    Shot the shoveler so I could head to work:


  9. AB962 never applied to shotgun ammuntion, and, it was overturned yesterday



    mudhen, AB962 would dis-allow ALL mail order/online/phone ammunition purchases. ALL ammo transactions were required to be face to face transactions. As for rifle & shotgun ammo, you just didn't have to sign your name and leave a fingerprint.


    Incorrect, moot for now, but still incorrect :)


    Now, some ammo selling companies stated that they would voluntarily stop shipping ALL ammo to Cali in protest of AB962, but that was/is their personal decision. Sure, .410 could be an issue, but .410 pistols are not legal in Cali, and I know of no legal 28/20/12/10 gauge pistols in Cali, so it can be presumed that shotgun ammo would have been fine to order on-line/catalog even in AB 962 had passed.


    The bill would provide, subject to exceptions, that commencing February 1, 2011, the delivery or transfer of ownership of handgun ammunition may only occur in a face-to-face transaction, with the deliverer or transferor being provided bona fide evidence of identity of the purchaser or other transferee. A violation of these provisions would be a misdemeanor.

  10. you guys make me feel so cheap. Carlson's extended mod choke + Winchester Xpert 3" 1-1/4oz #2 steel works just fine @ $109/cs delivered to my front door...well used to deliver but here in Calif no more online purchases or resident ammo deliveries allowed(has to be face to face) 2/1/2011...that sucks.

    Thank God I planned ahead...


    Coupla things;


    AB962 never applied to shotgun ammuntion, and, it was overturned yesterday :)


    As for cheap ammo, shoot what you like, I just shoot what works best for me, and HM has been working just fine for me. I don't hunt ducks to save money, I can buy cheap meat at the store. I hunt with the best stuff I can afford, because the best stuff usually works the best :D

  11. Nice Tucker! I had cans buzz the rice Sunday, but not in range. From now until the end of the season is usually when we see them, so I can only hope for one before then.


    Today was a sprig show. Hundreds, maybe thousands, flying around. Could have filled a dump truck with sprig and shovelers. I hate myself for even shooting two shovelers....





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