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  1. I'm still shooting my 14 year old SBE2 and haven't kept up with too much of the newer stuff other than keep hoping for a Camo Ethos for a new duck gun, but does anyone know if any of the newer recoil pads from the Vinci or SBE3 will fit on the SBE2? If so, which and if both, which is better?



  2. Hey Drundel, I know this is off topic but I see you have the Surecycle mag upgrade on both your black eagles. I was contemplating getting it for mine. Does it really make much of a difference?


    Well, the one for my SBE I bought when I used to hunt in the salt and wanted a better spring and something better than the plastic follower in the mag tube.


    The others were gifts. People needed cheaper gifts for x-mas, so I told them to get me those.


    After 4 years and LOTS of shooting, the spring in my SBE2 is still as strong as ever and there is no rust in it or the 1 or the Nova.


    Hope it helps.

  3. So I was looking around on Benelliusa.com today and I see the PS Cordoba and SS. Sweet ass guns. One part I would really like for my Cordoba is the round bolt. Does anyone know who makes them for Benelli?





  4. With an annoying adapter plate :mad:


    I like the slip fit pad, so the Sims is of little use to me....


    What does the LS+plate change to the LOP? I have short arms and the 14" pad works great for me.


    I just read your post form '06 about the pad. Sounds like there is no good alternative to the Benelli one yet.

  5. Kinda OT, but who all makes pads for the SBEII? I have an X-coil I like for my SBEI, but I don't think they make an adapter for the II.




    Edit, how does a limbsaver fit on the SBEII? I haven't taken the pad on my SBEII off in a while, but I don't remember any places for screws inside of it.

  6. Anyone in the blind with you will not like the Cordoba.....


    Ha, opening day of teal season they asked me what I was shooting. I can't wait for big duck season in a pit blind. I'm glad I have e-ear plugs. :D

  7. Interesting for sure, but Im wondering how practical is it?


    Im thinking the weight alone, once fully loaded, may keep this item from being entirely useful/practical.


    Still, if I had money to blow through, I wouldnt mind owning such an item...at least for fun anyway.


    I'm with you, I'd try it in extended goose season and see how it worked.

  8. I've got a 20 ga. Cordoba and a SBE2. The Cordoba is a sweet shooter. Lets put it this way, I'm thinking about getting a Vinci if they are as light and soft shooting as they say. I'm not worried about shooting 3.5 shells anymore.

  9. You know my biggest gripe just seeing it in pictures is the size of the safety. Did Benelli forget that back in '02? '03" they put the oversized safety on the SBE. I like the triangle sized safety. Its great for us when we hunt in gloves.

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