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  1. The 553 is kinda overkill for a shotgun. You might want to look at a 512.
  2. Will one of you guys with the pistol grip do me a favor and measure it for over all length? I know Benelli says 40" but I wanted to check with an actual owner. Thx
  3. I'd be interested in a rail that will has the ability to co-witness.
  4. I saw this this morning. http://www.refugeforums.com/refuge/showthread.php?t=508956
  5. Hopefully someone will be making one soon.
  6. Anyone seen any sling mounts like these for the SuperNova? Thx
  7. A couple of links http://www.uncle-mikes.com/adtemplate.asp?invky=9004494&catky=1279575&subcatky1=4548843&subcatky2=2000180 http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=5022&title=SHOTGUN+MAGAZINE+BAND http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=23226&title=UNIVERSAL+FLASHLIGHT+MOUNTS
  8. Cool thanks. I sent you a PM also about why you got the EOTech instead of your other point sight.
  9. ****, Dumb question, but what rail did you get for your SN?
  10. I've ordered a SuperNova Tactical with ghost ring and pistol grip. I want to get a soft case for it. Anyone know of any cheaper (I'm not gonna sped $100 on a case) case made for short barrel shotguns with a pistol grip? Worst case, I'll head down to ASC and pick up one for a M-16 case.
  11. Any suggestions on a light and mount for under the barrell?
  12. I'm gonna order one on Saturday. Thanks for the posts. I'm not sure I want an extended mag. tube but I do like the idea of a light right under my barrel, just not the price range of a Surefire. I'm gonna take another look at the pointsights. Thx for the suggestion.
  13. I'm gonna get a HD shotgun and I want one with ghost rings, but not sure about the pistol grip. I've actually never shot a pistol grip shotgun before, just me 10 other normal hunting shotguns. Any votes? Also, does anyone know if the ghost rings are night sights? Thx Brad
  14. water only to clean the outside, and not real hard pressure either.
  15. 69beers, that slug is just about a picture perfect expansion.
  16. Drundel

    New Nova??

    I don't need anyone pump gun, but I'm curious to see this new Nova.
  17. Drundel

    New Nova?

    I read on another forum about a new model Nova with chrio chokes and ComfortTech on it, oh and a slimmer receiver. The first two make sense, the third I'm a bit skeptical unless Benelli found some new plastic or design to withstand the same pressure but with less material. You guys hear anything?
  18. I'm gonna say Briley or Trulock, I'm leaning towards Briley. [ 11-28-2005, 09:56 PM: Message edited by: Drundel ]
  19. I have custom electronic plugs that run around $700 for the pair. They are great for hunting cause you can still hear and when you shoot, it cuts off the sound. I've worn them on over 500 shots this year already. (hunting, not clays)
  20. I'll post a few of dove season too. http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/09.01.05/IMG_0010.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/09.10.05/IMG_0129.jpg Now to Canada http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/10.06.05/IMG_0028.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/10.06.05/IMG_0036.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/10.07.05/IMG_0064.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/10.07.05/IMG_0082.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/10.08.05/IMG_0137.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/10.08.05/IMG_0163.jpg http://www.drundel.com/hunt/dove05/10.08.05/IMG_0152.jpg Ope
  21. Drundel

    Legacy parts

    I have no clue if the legacy is the same size as the sbei/sbeii but there are several pre-fit pads that screw on to the sbe lines.
  22. He bought it used and it doesn't come with the other shims.
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