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  1. I'm flying to Canada on the 5th and taking my SBEI and SBEII and putting both in an aluminum case. Side question, we were told to bring trigger locks, do the Benellis come with them?
  2. Drundel

    20ga M2?

    Anyone know the word on a 20ga M2? Or if Benelli is ever going to make a 28" barrel in 20ga? Thx
  3. My SBEII is a bit over a year old and I didn't shoot it much last year, a few hundred rounds, maybe 150 of those are 3" steel. I used it during dove season and shot 47 times with no jams at all. I am taking it to Canada next month and I can't wait to shoot some geese.
  4. If you want 40 yard range get a .675 Terror. I use my SBEII only for dove and duck hunting so my Trulock extended LM never really comes out. If i am hunting geese, i bring my SBE with a .675 Terror. Hopefully gun makes will quit making flush chokes for guns that are commonly used for shooting steel.
  5. Its not much good to you if you can't hit anything with it. You can always buy a new stock and sell it later.
  6. I'm with deerslayer, the newer Benellis seem to have a pretyt crappy finish. My Nova is from around '98 and its much nicer than my buddies newer ones. The best thing for the barrell is corrosion-x. it will really help prevent rust. i used my nova pretty hard when duck hunting in the salt marsh at home and i never cleaned it. i just sprayed some CLP in the action and let it drip dry and she was always fine for the next hunt.
  7. Drundel

    Photoshop guy

    I remember someone on here posted up a SBE that they had put in photoshop with some very cool looking camo. please pm me will ya? thx
  8. Drundel

    MOJO Dove

    ditto webfoot and beman. i've taken out people just to watch how the doves react to it, funny to watch... until i shoot them.
  9. skeet choke for dove? not past 20 yards. I'm a LM man. a bit more open than mod. in my O/U, I shoot IC/LM
  10. My SBE1 and SBE2 shoot 1 oz. loads no problem.
  11. Drundel


    **** change the bloody shims. plus doesn't goose season open around the 15th of sept in MD? you have a frickin' month.
  12. Thats a LOT of water you guys expect. ****, I really really want to see pictures of that sucker in the winter. Wow, thats a lot of water.
  13. Yep, mine right after the install shot 1-1/8 loads just fine. After two years of duck loads through it, it now will shoot 1 oz. loads, but no 7/8 yet.
  14. I doubt its 1-3/8 oz. thats a pretty heavy load, I'm pretty sure its 1-1/8. that refers to the weight of the shot in the shell. my sbe have shot more 3" than 2-3/4" but they all work fine if they are at least 1-1/8 oz. loads. anything below 1-1/8 oz. get a bit light and may not cycle the action.
  15. take a sander and cut away at the extra material until it fits like you like it.
  16. Wow, I thought I was good at skirting the legal line, but never heard of this one. It seems it would work, not sure on the legality of it. But the best thing is to plant sunflowers and then shred them 2 weeks before opening day. You will have doves everywhere.
  17. I have a SC in my SBEI and have no problems with it. I LIGHTLY oil the inside of the tube with some good oil, FP-10 or Miltec-1. But I bet your problem is the oil/grease in the bolt. What type of oil/grease do you use and how much? I know a lot of guys have problems with remoil. I use fp-10 and/or miltec-1 with much better results. I also lightly grease the rails where the bolt slides inside the receiver.
  18. Drundel

    a sbe ??

    each gun is different. i put about 20 rounds of 3 and 3.5 loads through it patterning, then shot 200 rounds of 1 oz. SC loads and and only had 2 hang ups, and they were within the first 50 rounds. Neither of mine will fire 7/8 oz loads. My SBE has a sure cycle and has seen MANY days of duck hunting.
  19. I put an x-coil on my SBE and most of the duck hunters i knwo who have tried the x-coil say its better than the limbsaver.
  20. Does anyone know why US shells aren't down there? I once read that the government won't let them in so they can get kickbacks from the local manufactures. Anyone know?
  21. (for steel) Get a .655 terror and shoot some 1-1/4 oz 3" loads.
  22. I am 100% happy with mine and glad I did it.
  23. Yep, that is good regular maintence that very few people do. I admit, I tried to get the tube off my SBEII and put it away for the summer and couldn't, so I skipped it. I hope I don't regret it.
  24. I've looked over my SBEII pretty good and compared it to the SBE and the main thing I see wrong is the **** swivel on the end cap. BAD design. I think flush chokes tubes are a joke as well, but I doubt tahts it. Interested in seeing more rumors.
  25. I put some camo duct tape over my sling. But some think foam rubber that is sticky on one side would be a good idea.
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