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  1. Sounds like you want a quail gun more than anything.
  2. Drundel

    my new sbe

    2-1/2 what? if its having cycling problems, try a heaving payload, ie 1-1/8 oz of shot. mine work fine with 1oz. but not 7/8.
  3. Most advice I've seen on those guns is they make enough of them so there really isn't any value other than face, but I know what you mean about not shooting it. If you got plenty of shotguns, put it up and test the market every few years and see what they are going for.
  4. I've never seen anything posted about that before. I think you are on your own there.
  5. I've never cleaned my 391 sporting and its had thousands of rounds through it. Granted, all of its shooting has been dove or clay.
  6. I'd love to hear his thoughts on selling a waterfowl gun with flush chokes. I haven't patterend my trulock LM with my SBEII yet, but it was tough on mallards with skack.
  7. Its not easy. Put receiver in padded vice. Get a few cheap shop towels and wrap them TIGHT around the tube, and then cover in duct tape, pretty good roll. Then get pipe wrench and only after heating the part where it screws into the receiver for a good bit, try to unscrew. I did it on mine, and it took time but I got it off.
  8. Drundel

    SBE Question

    I sooo want a 10mm auto, I just don't know if I trust the Glock. I get a H&K or Sig 10mm in a heartbeat. 15+1 of some hot 165!!!
  9. Drundel

    sbe vs sbe II

    Incorrect. The D shim on the SBE = the C shim on the SBEII. SBE D= SBE2 C (same amount of drop). Yes, the SBE2 comes (well at least mine did) with the B installed, I installed the C to give it more drop. SBE2 Z, A, B, C. SBEII Drop at heel: Z = 50 A = 55 B = 60 C = 65
  10. Drundel

    SBE Question

    I want a new pistol. I think I am gonna trade in my Sig 220 on a 220ST. I want that, a S&W 610 and a CZ-75.
  11. If you are not in shape for teal season and use 100% deet, you WILL get heat exhaustion. Its not fun. Thankfully loosing 20 pounds of fat, getting breathable waders and shannon bug tamer jacket, life is much more enjoyable.
  12. Now, I KNOW you don't mean that Exhibit A A good hunt for sure, but that was around D/FW. I'll find some salt marsh picts. http://drundel.com/hunt/duck03/good-group-pic.jpg (notice the shorts and sandels ) http://drundel.com/hunt/duck03/11.15.03_3.jpg (that hunt kicked my ...) Oh... found a story that I have to post about hunting in the salt marsh. "Thursday comes and we drive the ATV up to where the grass line changes and almost bury the ATV.....it can go no more. We get the ATV out and we then start our trek not knowing what we were getting into. Let me tell
  13. yes it will chip, a bit easier than i would like, but my SBE rusted DURING the hunt even though I always wipe it down with corrosion-x. So no matter what you are ****ed, unless you pay to have it tefloned. i had my sBE dripped in max4 and bought my sbeii in max4 and only rust spots are where its worn. **** that salt marsh!
  14. Drundel

    Help Please

    Call Benelli with the serial #.
  15. Wait, thread cleaner? Hows that? Is it the one that comes with the SBEI?
  16. Mines done that with heavy 3.5 loads. Glad you like it.
  17. Want to adopt a son? 27 years old, house broken, has a degree, works out of the state two weeks at a time, has a few Benellis, and the 682 Gold E Sporting, as mentioned above, just needs a backer for a South America dove trip.
  18. Mine shot 1oz. find right out of the box. Infact, of the first 300 rounds or so, 250 were 1oz. Rios.
  19. Interesting. My SBEII shot 1oz. right out of the box. Still no 7/8 after a duck season with it. Maybe run some 3" mags through it and see, or leave the bolt locked back for a week or so.
  20. Are you talking about where the bolt handle slides back and forth?
  21. Are you serious?!?!? My 391 sporting is a bloody puff cake to shoot, no recoil, very fast action. I'm not very recoil sensative, but my II does kick more than my 1 (has an x-coil on it). I shot some 2 oz. kent TM loads from my 1 on a goose hunt two years ago, ripped the skin from my hand. I had blood all over the stock but i was too cold to feel the pain. Those mortar rounds aren't fun.
  22. Thats the one I got but the swivels on it don't fit my SBEII. I had to use an uncle mikes for the end cap sling. The claw is great, but again, it doesn't fit on my SBE1 or 2, only the Nova.
  23. nut it up and pull with your hand. i bet you only break your finger once.
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