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  1. DJ Dan here. I've owned many MANY Benelli, Franchi & Beretta shotguns. Was dissapointed in a recent print ad where Beretta "knocks" the Benelli Inertia Recoil system. If you saw the ad it said basically "Beretta's gas system outperforms any inertia system" or some such wording. Is that smart considering Beretta OWNS Benelli? Kind of like one General Motors division "knocking" another one. (I thought Benelli's ad showing the clean bolt assembly after 250 rounds on the right of the page and 5 other competing semi auto shotguns' bolt and gas valve assembly filthy black after the same 250 rounds was great advertising...it ran in several outdoor/shooting magazines). Just asking fellow Benelli and Beretta owners. By the way i know this is the Benelli forum but i read on several websites that the Beretta M2 semi auto shotgun is the softest recoiling of any available make in the world. Can anybody verify that from personal experience? And i know it's a Benelli forum but you gotta hand it to Remington..the CT105 gas semi auto says 48% less recoil than any recoil shotgun, 25% less than any other gas gun in the world, plus bottom eject and load. Although Benelli's new Superlight 12 is my next purchase, has anybody shot this new Remington? Thanks, and sorry so many topics in one post

  2. I know this site isn't meant to be real "political", but as a 58 year young shooter from Michigan and a legal CCW holder, all self defense & sport shooters should ask themselves this question: if the pilots in all 4 of those airliners on 9-11 had been armed with (Benelli!) pistols, 2800 plus people would be alive today. Am i oversimplifying this? In the 50's i'm told pilots were often armed and in the late 50's an airline pilot killed a deranged violent attacker. Why did it take such an attack to make strong cockpit doors or allow armed pilots? DJ Dan, Flint MI

  3. Originally posted by tucker301:

    I will always remember how blue, empty, and quiet the skies were that afternoon.

    I never dreamt I'd see that again in my lifetime.

    I wish I never had.


    The attacks of 911 exploited many of the freedoms that define life in a free society.

    Sadly, America citizens have lost that buffer we'd previously enjoyed, and the evils of the rest of the world have proven that we are no longer impervious to them.


    Since 911, the world has become more hostile and dangerous for all humankind.

    We are a gnat's azz from WWIII breaking out, and whether or not we ever bring Osama bin Laden to justice will have very little bearing on how the future plays out.


    Over and over, these extremists have proven that they do not play by anyone's rules, so defeating them in a conventional sense is a hopeless endeavor.


    Sadly, the only way we will overcome terrorism is to become more terrible than they are.

  4. I'm a rabbit & pheasant hunter who shoots clays strictly for fun. I'm a 7 on a 1-10 scale as a shooter. Very instinctive, never see the barrel, move mount and shoot. If you want some real fun go to a shooting range and have the trap guy pull a round just for you alone. I've done it twice with my Montefeltro Super 90 20 guage, for my money one of the world's 2 sweetest shotguns (the other's my Franchi 48AL 28 guage). Feeding the shells as fast as I can and calling for the bird the second the shell chambers and shooting from LOW GUN (stock at hip level), I can hit 18 or 19 trap at 25 yards consistently shooting the second the gun hits my shoulder or with just a brief "pull away". I'm convinced most clay and live bird shooters "ride their birds" and try to be exact and perfect. With improved cylinder choke, at 58 years old with glasses, for me to be able to hit 18-19 trap with IC and one ounce of 7 1/2's just covering, pull away and shoot says a LOT for a gun NOBODY considers a "proper trap gun". If anybody tries my ideas let me know how you come out. (PS: Any bird hunter who shoots clays from the high gun position is wasting their time to me)

  5. I'm 58 and been beagle and jump shooting cottontails since age 10 in 1957. AFter taking about 1000 of them with almost every make of shotgun i've come to a conclusion: the Franci 48AL in 28 guage with low brass 7' 1/2's and cylinder choke is the sweetest carrying deadliest most instinctive pointing gun for cottontail you can shoot. Why won't you people at Franchi make the 48AL in .410 and/or 16 guage? Threre IS a market. Dan McPhail Flint MI

  6. I'm a 58 year old lifelong pheasant hunter also from Michigan. I've owned every make of shotgun but the real high end over $3000 guns. For me the Franchi 48AL in 20 guage or Benelli's Montefeltro Super 90 are the Lexus of light beautifully balanced autoloaders. Both are around $800-$900 and worth every penny. Hate to sound anti American but both guns make say a Remington 1187 feel like a tree trunk. Good luck. DJ Dan Flint MI

  7. Originally posted by dockrocker:

    Rank newbie to the forum here, hoping I can get some guidance. I've recently returned to hunting after a 10+ year hiatus and am shopping for a new shotgun (my old guns were stolen by some POS crackhead in Houston, TX, never to be seen again... ).


    Looking for a good 12 (or 20?) gauge shotgun, primarily for pheasant (so light weight is an advantage) but also the occasional duck and/or deer hunt, though this is not essential as I'm not opposed to buying additional firearms for these type of hunts. We are limited to slugs and/or buckshot for deer in much of Michigan.


    Would prefer to spend around $500-700, street price. And I'd love an over/under or side-by-side, but don't think there is much in my price range.




    Many thanks!

  8. Here's a topic bound to spark discussion: I have shot somewhere between 4-5 hundred ringneck pheasants and jumped cottontain rabbits since 1957 with every configuration shotgun made from a Savage break open .410 to a Remington SP 10 guage semi auto taking geese plus several hundred rounds of clay target games and have come to the conclusion the best choke for any shotgunner, even on geese, is....."none". I've done about a hundred hours on pattern boards at the distance most people actually take game, 25-37 yards, and copper plated or nickel plated 7 1/2's such as Fiochi's Golden Pheasant or Federal Copper 6's or Winchester Ultimate Pheasant hard shot plated loads pattern DEVASTATINGLY even up to 37 measured yards putting 4-6 pellets in a ringneck pheasant silhoutte consistently. Of the 300 or so wild & preserve ringnecks I've shot, not 4 have been at over 37 yards measured off. Why is everyone so hung up on patterning a shotgun at 40 yards when 99.9% of game birds and animals like the cottontail and dove are taken at 20-35 yards, where improved cylinder is the TIGHTEST you'd ever need or want? And since 7 1/2's penetrate about halfway through a medium city PHONE BOOK at 35 measured yards with copper 7 1/2's, why would you want bigger shot?? I think most bird hunters use too big a shot size & too much choke. Any takers or believers? Let's hear your thoughts..DJ Dan the Benelli Montefeltro Man, Flint MI

  9. DJ Dan here, 58 year young "last of the pheasant hunters" in southeast Michigan. My favorite 2 guns are my Montefeltro 20 and Franchi 48AL in 28 guage. Been shooting since I was 10, took my first rabbit with a Savage 220 hammerless in 1957. Love the .410; as most of us do, hate the long shot string & crippling potential. That said, does anybody think a 48AL Franchi ("spring gun") would sell or be viable in the .410? It would weight about 4 1/2 pounds probably and I think be as nice or nicer than my 28 guage 48AL (which someone offers to buy every time I pheasant hunt, at the risk of sounding like a commercial). I know in Bob Bristers books and all other shotgun books the .410 is badmouthed as a crippler and poacher's gun, for some reason I like it. What say the rest of you? Good hunting! DJ Dan, Flint MI

  10. Have an '05 20 guage 3 inch Montefeltro. Am going cornfield goose hunting with 3 inch Remington

    Hevi Shot 1 1/8th ounce 6's. Are modified or full choke tube best for 40-50 yard Canada geese? Are tubes ok with this Hevi Shot? Any Benelli waterfowl hunters use the 20 Montefeltro? Anyone patterned the Remington Hevi Shot at 45-50 yards in 6 shot size? Will that shot harm my bore or choke tubes? Thanks. DJ Dan, Flint MI

  11. Am crazy about my lightweight 20 guage Montefeltro short barrel...shot 22 of 25 trap at my local gun club this weekend from low gun position with an ounce of 7 1/2 promotional 2 1/2 drams of powder cheapy loads! (previous best ever was 16 of 25). Question: what's the least expensive extended knurled hand removable choke tube for my 20 guage Montefeltro? Thanks! DJ Dan McPhail, Flint MI

  12. I'm a 56 year old pheasant hunter from flint mi, shooting since age 10. i've tried everything including the holosight. have to agree with others; don't care for it. like the books on shotgun shooting by Brister and others say, you shouldn't be aware of anything but the bird. i find concentrating only on the bird, with gunbarrel in blurred periphery, and not stopping the gun, plus a "gun to face, not face to gun' smooth mount, is what to concentrate on. dan mcphail, flint mi (world's largest single purchaser and owner of 48AL's)

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