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  1. 1/2 - You have to remove the tube from the receiver. 3 - Yes, Benelli uses thread locker on original builds. If your gunsmith removed it, didn't use thread locker when it was re-assembled, and it's loose, just unscrew it from the receiver to deal with 1/2. 4 - It isn't absolutely necessary to use thread locker on the tube. Just make sure the tube is hand-tight before re-assembling the gun. When it's reassembled, the barrel nut and barrel assembly will keep the tube from backing out. For peace of mind, you could use blue thread locker which makes removing the tube less of an issue than with the original OEM thread locker.
  2. Haven't tried it on a SG magazine cap but I use Loctite anti-seize compound on my threaded pistol barrels and it keeps the thread protectors from backing off.
  3. I'm not them but the primary purpose of a rail on the receiver was for mounting an optic. With the optic mount integrated into the rail, the rail really became superfluous. Hence the redesign to omit the rail portion. That's my guess anyway.
  4. I wouldn't go much tighter than Improved Cylinder. Buckshot does not respond to tighter chokes in the same way that birdshot does. If you're looking for extended range out of buckshot, ammo selection is your best bet. Go with Federal loads using the Flitecontrol wads. I've found that the 00 buck patterns tighter than the 000 and the 00 Tactical (reduced recoil) loads do much better than the full-power loads. That's my guns. The Flitecontrol wads work much better with no restriction (cylinder bore choke). You should try different loads to see what patterns best in yours.
  5. "I don't know if it's a function of the rounds I'm using, temperature of the barrel/bolt, speed/force I'm working the action in the excitement of the moment, or what." Eliminate that last thing first. Sometimes, under the "stress" of trying to make a quick second shot when there's an actual flying target to get, I've been known to short-stroke it. Take it to the range, load it up with the ammo you've been using and crank off rounds downrange as quickly and forcefully as you can. If you still have the problem, eliminate that first thing and change ammo. If it's not happening with your practice rounds, it might not happen with another brand/type of ammo. Try several different makes. If it's still happening then you may have a mechanical issue. I doubt temperature has anything to do with it.
  6. I've probably got at least 5 thousand rounds through my primary skeet gun, a M1, since installing my TTI carrier. Having just taken a look at it I find no discernible wear nor deformation. As I noted previously, there have been absolutely no feeding issues that could be traced back to the carrier. Regardless of how they form it, treat it, or bless it, it works and that's the bottom line. Based on other FFT products that I've used, I imagine that once their carrier starts shipping, theirs will work just as well.
  7. Yep, most likely, depending on the type of gloves.
  8. Well, since FFT's website says they're in Pre-Order status, I doubt there's anyone who can vouch for them. I've got Tarans on all my M1/M2's now and they work great. Haven't had a feeding issue that could be traced back to them. It must be said, however, I never had a feeding issue with the OEM's. The primary reason for the original modifications that were made to OEM's was the thumb catching between the carrier and the receiver when loading old-school underneath. (that's just gauche today - if you're not doing the load-2 or load-4 or load-6 or whatever the latest high-speed technique is, you're just behind the times) The newfangled loading procedures, at least for competition, seems to have eliminated the need for that modification since the thumb isn't in the same position while loading shells. Anyway, I digress . I still do it old-school, one at a time, underneath. If it was good enough for daddy it's still good enough for me.
  9. Apparently you haven't seen the YouTube videos. A sampling: This one and others have been out there for over a year.
  10. As to your feeding issue, in addition to the possibility of a recoil spring problem, there's a slim possibility that the magazine spring may be a bit weak or the magazine tube is in need of a cleaning. You indicate that it fires/extracts/ejects with no problem. Are your misfeeds on the last shell in the magazine? If so, the mag spring may not be pushing that last shell out of the magazine far enough to properly engage the mechanism that sets the feeding sequence in motion.
  11. That little spring is the ejector spring. The plate that covers that spring is the ejector. That won't have anything to do with the issue you're having.
  12. truckcop

    Proper Maintenance

    I like Shooters Choice Bore and Choke cleaner but there are lots of products out there. My guess is that what you're seeing isn't all lead fouling but plastic fouling from the wad/shot cup as well. That plastic is sometimes more difficult to remove than the lead.
  13. That sight was never a stand-alone sight. It was always paired with the protective wings. They were just a separate piece rather than an integral part of the base.
  14. truckcop

    my M1014 pics

    I'm not him but that button looks like a Nordic. He says it's a factory button but it looks like the button on Benelli's M2 3-gun shotgun. Unless they've changed, they make the 3-gun mods after the gun is imported and the button came from Nordic. https://nordiccomp.com/categories/nc-speed-button-for-autoloading-shotguns/
  15. If it's factory camo then it is probably a M1/M2. Although anything's possible. If it's a Montefeltro the barrel nut screws onto a threaded stud at the end of the magazine tube rather than the tube itself. Other slight differences but that's probably the easiest to check. Other than the marking on the receiver that says Montefeltro.
  16. GG&G also makes one for the M1/M2/M3. That one should fit the SBE. https://www.gggaz.com/benelli-tactical-charging-handle.html Here's a thought. Give them a call.
  17. Be more specific about the problem. "Jam up" doesn't effectively describe the issue your gun is having.
  18. About halfway down the page under "Standard Features": http://www.benelliusa.com/legacy-sport-and-sport-ii-shotguns
  19. I'm a Brenneke fan, for whatever that's worth. Just buy 2 or 3 boxes a month. In no time you'll have a good stockpile. I dislike shooting slugs anyway so I fire off a few rounds a year just to make sure I remember how it kicks my ass. Buy a couple more boxes and I still have plenty for the coming of the Mongol Hordes. Or whatever.
  20. Are you sure the A, C & Z shims have the protrusions or do they have holes? If that's the case you may have a mix of different gun's shims. Did you buy it new or used? The DX shim is for buttstock cast for a right-handed shooter. It goes up against the receiver first. The A, etc., are for adjusting the height of the stock relative to the receiver. You don't have to use those shims. The shims work in concert with the metal plate inside the buttstock. They are paired using the letters. You'll find an explanation of the different shims in the Owner's Manual. If you don't have an OM you can download one: http://www.benelliusa.com/sites/default/files/originals/product-manuals/sbe_ii.pdf
  21. As to finding barrels, good luck with that. They show up on GunBroker and Ebay occasionally (there's one there now). Finding them reasonably priced? Yeah, well. . . The one on Ebay right now has a decent price. Someone replaced the fixed sight with an adjustable sight.
  22. Yes it can be done. The barrel swap is no problem. The problem will arise with the forearm. An older M1 forearm will not fit a new M2 barrel without modification. The M2 barrel is different in two ways as it relates to the forearm. At the rear of the barrel just forward of the barrel extension (the part that goes inside the receiver) there's a larger reinforcement ring around the circumference of the barrel. Also, the lug of the barrel ring (the ring that goes around the end of the magazine tube) is longer than the M1 lug. You'll have to do one of two things. Either modify the existing forearm to accommodate the differences in the barrels, OR, replace the M1 forearm with the a M2 forearm. Modification is fairly simple. A dremel tool for the rear and a small drill and small/sharp chisel for the front will do it. Replacement can be problematic. There are at least three variations in the diameter of the magazine tube of older M1's. The M2 forearm will not fit on some of the older tubes. There used to be an older thread about the barrel swap here with pics and everything but apparently it's no longer in the archives as that old link goes nowhere. Here's a link to a discussion about the differences in forearms. http://forum.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/29184-Difference-between-early-and-later-m1-forends-Will-later-models-fir-HK-m1S90 If your M1 is one of the newer Benelli imports a M2 forearm may fit. If it's one of the older HK imports (receiver marked with Heckler & Koch, it may. I've got two that did and two that didn't, which required modification of the original forearm.
  23. If you compare Benelli's Italian and USA websites, the Italian Rafaello looks a lot like the USA's Ethos. The US site doesn't list a "Rafaello". Perhaps the same guns with different names for different markets. As to where they're made, Italy. Are they good? It's a Benelli.
  24. Go back to the 22 rifle. Had the same exact issues with my dad before he passed. He had always had a Browning Hi Power but that became untenable in terms of manipulation and accuracy. He decided he wanted a Glock but I discouraged it due to his dexterity problems. Went with a Ruger 10-22, 25 round magazine loaded with mini mags, one chambered. All he had to do to get it running was disengage the safety. He was happy as a clam. Still went shooting with me occasionally up to the time he no longer remembered who I was. I removed it from the house but he didn't remember having it anyway. Based on my dad, if yours has dexterity issues, a shotgun, whether pump or semi, has issues of their own with an older gentleman. Recoil, noise, manipulation, all will be problematic. The 22 was our answer anyway. Your mileage may vary. If you're dead set on a shotgun, how about a side-by-side in 20 gauge? In that flavor, the Stoeger Coach Gun is a favorite of mine. Their Condor Outback O/U looks interesting as well although I have no personal experience there. Joe Biden even approves. :-)
  25. Determine the size and Brownells may have what you need: http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/small-hardware/metal-screws/plug-screw-kit-prod792.aspx
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