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  1. I've been working on a slightly different project. 70 acres, 3 acre pond, 3 BR, 3.5 baths http://imgur.com/a/WilnP#0
  2. The shame is on you. NEVER pay for an ordered item without an agreed upon ironclad delivery date. If the item isn't there by that date, then you are due a refund. Gunbroker is flush with them, and probably cheaper than your dealer.
  3. tucker301

    Surface rust

    Yes. Apply a thin coat of CLP and store in a dry area with controlled temperatures.
  4. Benelli chokes are not typically marked M, C, etc. Instead there will be a number of notches cut into the rim of the choke tube, which will indicate the degree of constriction. As Hookster indicated, do not shoot slugs through a choke tighter than Modified (M). I'd go with IC.
  5. The components are all stainless, so the primary concern would be to purge all moisture and dirt and make sure it's lubricated. Depress the spring and plunger and blast it out with gunscrubber or carb and choke cleaner, then compressed air. Then apply a couple of drops of CLP.
  6. Nice job, guys! Those look tasty!
  7. I bought a Mossberg turkey gun last year and it was chipped right out of the box. A little chipping isn't going to hurt a camo dipped gun in the least. If you want a showpiece buy one. These are working guns.
  8. tucker301

    Good Day

    Very nice! We don't get them around here normally. But a few years ago about 300 of them escaped from a transport. That was both fun and tasty.
  9. There it is. I'm surprised it took so long. Some movement in the forearm is normal. You will also discover that, despite the claims on TV commercials, there is substantial recoil when firing heavy loads. Ghetto rig or live with it. It's duck season now.
  10. There have been one or two instances of this in the past. 1. Make sure that all parts are present and installed properly. 2. If it's still loose, place several layers of electrical tape on the barrel ring to act as shims.
  11. tucker301

    M4 ARGO

    As in swift kick in the ....
  12. Or an old guy with a new ID.
  13. LMAO!.... The first location was fine.
  14. Oh no. This one is perfect. Tells us everything we need to know. great stuff.
  15. That's the most informative thing you've ever posted! Thanks!
  16. KB - Cut off the link starting with the &
  17. Note: I understand this is primarily a shotgun forum, but these really cool moves can be used with any weapon, even a catapult. Disclaimer: Firing randomly at imaginary targets in the air can result in damages to neighboring property, livestock, and people. But if you showed your neighbors this awesome video, they'd likely forgive you... them or their heirs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihnh7G1hoWo
  18. Send an inquiry to Benelli. Provide the serial number. http://www.benelli.it/en/help
  19. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/7062-Bolt-handle-removal
  20. That beatledog guy over there sounds like a fool to me. A firearm is a deadly force weapon. If he doesn't want to use deadly force then perhaps some taser videos are in order.
  21. Chance, As I said before, call Benelli Customer Service or check with Mann & Sons (one of the largest US distributors). http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/Mann.And.Son.Sporting.Goods.618-357-2911 I apologize for the misleading information posted above. If I had mod privileges you would never have seen it.
  22. HS does not make magazines for Benelli products. Get a damned clue. Here is a Benelli Magazine. Here is the magazine (made for a bolt action rifle bottom metal) (for a HS Precision stock) with DBM (Detachable Box Magazine) via your link. SMH
  23. I don't mind him being here, but he does need to stop bumping up his video threads every time they drop below 5th or so in the list. THAT gets old in a hurry.
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