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  1. 1. Magazine. Not "clip" 2. The above link is as worthless as teats on a boar hog. The Benelli R1 does not have DBM. 3. Call Benelli or Mann & Sons and inquire, but I doubt you'll find one.
  2. You're a bit over market. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=305944251
  3. OK, but I meant the call. I thought it was a Big River Long Honker, but now it looks more like a Foiles flute or similar.
  4. Nice job, guys! Is that a big river long reed?
  5. No. The Supernova's safety is different. The spring and detent are loaded below the crossbolt. I did a Nova years ago and it was a PAIN to get it all back in there. Yes, the button can be reversed as desired, but it's probably best left up to a gunsmith.
  6. There's not an ounce of difference between him and Ted Nugent.
  7. Most users are going to short-stroke a pump in a high stress situation. Pump is a bad idea.
  8. Unless you intend to vigorously train yourself to operate the weapon so that it becomes second nature I would suggest a nice side by side.
  9. I had one on my todo list. Then I found a 70 acre farm and house that I really liked.
  10. To my knowledge they do not. However, the stock is not specific to RH or LH, so if you could locate a short stock it work on the LH model. This sounds like an excellent excuse to buy the combo set and a LH model
  11. I've been on this forum for a long time, and I've never seen CS fail to resolve a problem. Sometimes it does take a couple of tries, but all of my experiences have been positive ones.
  12. +1 - I shot steel through a 1970's 870 for years with adverse effects.
  13. The Seecamp 32 is generally regarded as the premier lady's concealed carry weapon.
  14. Zeke, Be sure and take before and after pictures and post them back here, along with an account of your experiences.
  15. That looks normal to me. CS isn't the greatest at responding to emails. You should call them next week.
  16. The keyword here is "illicit". The program addresses the issue of automatic weapons, RPGs, land mines, and abandoned ammunition stockpiles that make their way into the hands of terrorists, pirates, and extremist organizations. It has nothing to do with the US gun laws or our 2nd Amendment rights. http://www.state.gov/t/pm/wra/
  17. Yes, of course. Stock, trigger group, bolt group. All of it should be removed. All you want to expose to 500 degrees is what needs to be exposed to 500 degrees.
  18. Excellent post! Great information and good job on making safety your first priority!
  19. It would have to be at a car wash anyway, and I'm not doing that.
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