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  1. You live in Finland? I heard that things in Finland were very different. Like, people don't care about "stuff" really. Govt. taxes the **** out of you, but gives you everything for free, and noone much worries about it. Life is more slow-paced, whatnot. True?


    that is the biggest load of grab i have ever heard.. :(

    things are different yes but not like that. we have high taxes. but its a fair system. if you earn a lot you pay more taxes and if you are poor you don't pay so much..of course.. and we have probably the best health care and old people care in the world and those really are for free. we do have the same things to worry about as everyone else. our life is not slow-paced it's just the opposite.

    and some crazy european people have just the picture of states like tucker writes there.. :D

  2. This is the most best topic ever..i have laughed about an hour when i was reading this. :D

    i can not write english very well but i know thing or two about benelli's.. ihave two benelli shotguns now and i have had 16 different benelli model's by the years.

    it does sounds like someone really can't use the gun..not my problem..

    i also have experience of beretta,remington and browning shotguns..but still BENELLI is the very best at least for me. :)



  3. Thank you..

    In Greece the M2 is imported without the CRIO barrel. Who knows why ..


    WHAT!! you can't have rifles or pistols!!? that is crazy..in finland i can have rifle or shotgun license in 20 minutes. pistol license take's about 2 weeks to get and you need to be a member of shooting club.

    but we are not a loud to carry a full-automatic rifles or anything like that. semi-autos are ok.

    in Finland we have about 5 million people and about 300 thousand hunters.



  4. I Just Asked The Importer. The M2 Comes In Greece With The

    Regular Barrel. Not The Crio Barrel.


    that is a surprise.. i live in finland and all the m2 benelli's are with crio barrel..almost every other models are the same as in states. except raffaello and some crio series..

  5. can someone help me.

    i want to get some barrel stickers and some other benelli stuff....but because i live in Finland so they do not send any of those things to europe!! :(

    tell me how can i get those things in here.

  6. i just got my new supersport.. it`s PERFECT!! some people says that winchester x2 is the fastest loading semi-automatic in the world.. maybe but most important thing is how fast you can aim the next shot.. muzzle climb is so minimum that you barely can see it.. i think that supersport is the fastest shotgun in the world..

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