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  1. I am 20 years old and a beginning hunter. I have hunted Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, and rabbit with my shotgun and own a early model 1894 Winchester 30-30 which cannot mount a scope due to being top-edjecting. I am planning to get a deer and bear tag this year so I have been looking around for a good rifle and came across a 300WSM comfortech miss marked at a store for under $600. I almost bought a browning A-bolt II for the same price. But the Benelli name stood out on the rifle so i put it on hold and researched it that night where i came across your goldmine of photos and many other people who love the gun. I went back 1st thing in the morning and purchased the rifle and i am now looking for a good scope and amunition to use. All advice will be heard and appreciated.


    You are one lucky person to have it for $600 only.


    In Canada, it is $1899 plus GST and PST (total 15% tax) so around $2185 and a box of federal premium ammo is close to $70 in 300wsm

  2. Steve,


    You are making history!!! Great job...


    Thanks a million for sharing this info in details. I am sure lots of unhappy owners will be happy again.

  3. Chronos,


    Thanks a lot of the great info and I will look into these sites in detail.


    I don't think I have restricted firearm, at least they are not restricted in US. I have a benelli M1 shot gun, savage 30-06 rifle, R1, Ruger .22 and a Glock pistol Model 35, 40 cal, and 5 inch barrel)


    Looks like I will be contacting you a lot for more info on Canada and settling there.


    thanks again.

  4. Chronos,


    I am moving to Canada in Summer 06 for good. I can bring one for you but the Canadian guns laws are so dang tough that I will have trouble bringing my own guns to Canada. May be you can guide me little bit on the Canadian gun laws.

  5. R1 Owners, Happy New to you All!!!!


    May God bless all of us with more Benellies and more game animals with our R1s.


    [ 01-01-2006, 03:55 PM: Message edited by: shekaree ]

  6. Iowahunter,


    I am getting a 1" group at 100 yard with Hornady 180 gr bullets. There is no problem with the case ejection with the mounts (at least I didn't notice it) every case goes out fine.


    The barrel locking cap was also not loose but the cap/screw that is mounted on the forearm (the last thing you tight on your gun) gets little loose after few shots and I just tight it right away.


    Question for you Iowahunter!! Do you use same user name for some digital camera forum too?


    [ 12-23-2005, 02:06 PM: Message edited by: shekaree ]

  7. OK people,


    Finally I found a shooting range here in NC about one and half hour drive one way with 4 different boxes of shells for my new R1 300 WM Comfertec. I shot 80 bullets. I started at 25 yards and in the end, I got a group or 1" at 100 yard with Hornaday 180 gr and 1" ~ 1.5" with Winchester Supreme AccuBond 180 gr.


    I am really very happy with the recoil. I did feel a little in the first few shots but after that, I didn’t felt any. To be honest, I felt less recoil in R1 then my Savage 30-06 with 180 gr Remington bullet. I shot both guns today.


    I wish the shooting range was close to my place but a three hours drive was worth going to range and shooting 80 shots. No jam at all but the barrel gets really hot pretty soon. I think that is normal with that many shots.


    My conclusion, Benelli R1 300WM Comfortec is worth every penny.

  8. Dance&Sting,


    Forgot to mention, $40 is not club rate or any thing. It is NC hunting license and it is called Sprotman license. MN sportsman license covers only small game and fishing.

  9. Dance&Sting,


    After reading your post I checked my license and let me correct the numbers this time. 6 Deer, 2 Wild Boars, 2 Wild Turkeys and 1 Bear to be exact in $40.


    I lived in Saint Cloud, MN for 5 years. I did my bachelors and then my masters there. I know in MN a Bear cost $40 and deer cost $27 and then you have to pay more if you want to get the doe. The season also lasts for only 2 weeks. That is the reason I mentioned that NC is SO CHEAP. There is only one thing that sucks here, NO Hunting on Sundays.


    I went to MN this year just for hunting and I got 2 from Millac county near Onamia. On my way back to NC, I stopped at Rogers Cabelas for R1 and my background check was delayed. I couldn't get my gun from there. Later, I drove from NC to WV and got R1. I am getting excited to shoot it tomorrow for very first time.....

  10. OK, I went to sight in my new R1 300 WM today at my friend's hunting club with him. I also took my old Savage 30-06 too. When I reached there, I decided to take a short walk first with my 30-06 and in half an hour, I came back with a deer. So, after skinning the deer, there was not much time left for R1.


    So I will go there again tomorrow and will update you guys. Good thing that in NC they allow 6 deer in one license. Not only that, you can get one bear, turkey and a wild boar too. All for only $40...

  11. Dance&Sting,


    Don't think, just get one right away just like me.


    I am still looking for a shooting range to try mine. I am new in NC and having trouble finding one where I can shoot outdoors.

  12. Dance&Sting,


    I was in Rogers, Minnesota's Cableas 3 weeks ago and when I wanted to buy the confortec, they told me that my back ground is not "clear" and I have been "delayed" I had to leave the next day so I didn't get my gun. After two days, they called me and said you can come and pick it up. I said No thanks!!!! I drove to WV Cableas from NC and got one from there and just came home with it.


    Once I shoot it, I will update you guys about it...so hang on!!!

  13. Guys,


    Just bought R1 300 win mag from west verginia cabelas with 4.5-10 x 10 Leupold scope and mounts. Cost me over 2 grand and I am dead tired of driving from north carolina to WV and back here. It was a total trip of over 1300 miles and believe me, it was ONLY for comfertec R1. Now you may thing why drive 1300 miles to West Verginia? the answer is, Comfortec!! it was not availabe here in my area. Had to bribe my wife for $150 worth of shoes from Cabelas but it worth it.


    I will go to shooting range tommorrow and will updage you guys soon....

  14. I called them and asked them the same thing. They said NC is ok and there are 6 states which are on the list and the residents of these 6 states cannot buy the firearm outside their state. NC is not one of them.


    Hopefully, there won't be a problem..I will update you guys..

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