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  1. GunCrazyD

    Cycling problems M2

    call customer service again and talk to the manger... Paula Murdock.. 301-283-6981 ext 475 and get her to take it in for service and have it looked at.
  2. GunCrazyD


    call customer service.... manager is Paula Murdock... 301-283-6981 etx 475 - send it in to get it looked at.
  3. GunCrazyD

    Benelli M4 Defects?

    just the way it is...a manufactured product..no hand finishing done...
  4. GunCrazyD

    hi everyone black eagle ?

    the SBE 2 has the availability of a comfortech stock..redesigned trigger guard and the crio choke system.... limited edition SBE's may go up in value..but an plain SBE1 will not gain any value anytime soon...and some of the parts are getting harder to find..the factory will not make parts anymore for the older guns....so i would go with a SBE2 if you want a functional and supported gun...
  5. GunCrazyD

    M2 stock on M1 frame

    will not work without modification..and the results will look bad....
  6. GunCrazyD

    Cycling problems M2

    no idea who said to use no oil..that is ridiculous..you NEED oil...oil in the action..oil in the barrel throat....the gun is recoil operated..no oil means it will be dry and jam more...use synthetic oil in every moving part....
  7. GunCrazyD

    School me on Supernova Collapsible Stocks

    it is true...so of someone is doing something illegal...i wouldn't post about it or say anything...CYA...
  8. GunCrazyD

    Vinci safety question

    nothing from benelli about it...it is not supposed to be changeable..but i think it can..Benelli won't say it is...but looking at the mechanism it may be..just have to find a good gunsmith to see what he can do...
  9. GunCrazyD

    WTB a SBE2 comfortech stock - Advantage Timber

    no problem..glad to help... http://www.gunbroker.com or http://www.gunsamerica.com is where i look for parts 1st...
  10. GunCrazyD

    Benelli Youth Nova 20g

    from what i've heard repair time and back to an independent dealer is about 3 weeks right now...
  11. GunCrazyD

    Benelli Youth Nova 20g

    sounds like good advice...i'm sure Benelli CS can get it in and have their guys take care of it....
  12. GunCrazyD

    WTB a SBE2 comfortech stock - Advantage Timber

    part # 83101 - harder to get since the Timber was discontinued about 3 years ago...call brownells or Numerich - 800-741-0015 - or 866-686-7424 - but be ready - stock will be at least $510 retail..more in reality..and that is not with a pad either...
  13. GunCrazyD

    Grip Screws for a Cougar????

    mann and sons.. 618-357-2911 can order the screws for the Stoeger Cougar..don't know if they will fit the beretta version..but a place to start...
  14. GunCrazyD

    School me on Supernova Collapsible Stocks

    no one can get them..not even Mil dealers..it is for direct law enforcement purchase only...even if you had the part # you will not be able to get it unless you are active duty law enforcement using it for a duty weapon...not even worth the search...
  15. MSRP from everyone i've seen is $500+ so the $160 is either an overstock deal or the person got the wrong quote..not sure...i asked and it was $500 or so the girl guessed...