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  1. Benjamin Franklin said: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
  2. I agree, Hogwild is an idiot. But MrMP "irregardless" is not a word. You could have just said: Not sure if you wanted a tube and couldnt get one or what your 'issue' is but regardless, your arrogance is unneeded and unfounded, so plesae dont hi-jack another thread of mine...thank you Sure there are other errors, but they are just short cuts and there is no sence in typing more than you have too.
  3. That might have been an ethnic, not a racial slur. But regardless of ethnicity or race, people with smallpox often wrap towels or blankets around themselves to contain the puss. So perhaps it wasn't a slur of any kind.
  4. **** Yes!.. You can tell us his name and location, so we can all avoid him like a towel head with smallpoxs. [ 12-01-2006, 08:40 PM: Message edited by: [email protected] ]
  5. I own an M4 (11707) and I have been 100% happy. No flaws what so ever shooting, and I like just looking at it. Benelli customer service is so good it would be easy to take avantage of them.
  6. I do not own this gun, but that spring either magicaly self replicated or it is the Shell Stop Spring. That is the only spring in almost all shot guns that is cone shaped. It goes just inside the Receiver assembly; it is between the inside wall and the Shell Stop. It makes the Shell Stop act like a teeter toter. Hope thats it. Good luck.
  7. Buy the 11707 (that's the model # of the M4) and nothing else, unless you can get your hands on the military version; which you can't. After that save up your money and buy the mag tube from SOCOMGUY. Don't even look at any other accesories until after you have this mag tube.
  8. I'd love to have one too. I have not heard anything but the best reviews from people that actually own them. There are plenty of people that are willing to pass on hearsay that is not so good. Too bad it wont fit on my 11707.
  9. It wont fit on the 11707 and some of the later limited edition m1014 because of a change in the barrel. The same reason for the delay in the Mesa Tactical rail. Check the Mesa Tactail thread or contact www.dsarms.com for details.
  10. blah, blah, blah.... shoot'n a shot gun is fun to do.
  11. blah, blah, blah.... shoot'n a shootgun is fun to do.
  12. First who care... if you have the money to buy an m4 barrel and the expertise to cut it down, but according to Duggan it may just grow back.
  13. It's not polite to put down any of our Equus American friends, tall or otherwise. Thats discrimination buddy.
  14. I have both the "factory" not proven (ie Numrich) mag tube and just received ar15's SOCOMguy's $190 tube. I must say that SOCOMguy makes a much better tube. In fact, if anyone from Benelli is reading this you should contact him to make them for you. Or maybe pay your people in Italy a little more to do a better job finishing your tubes.
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