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  1. 44 Mallards

    20 Snow geese

    7 Canada geese


    Legal limits are:


    Ducks - 8 per person ( 8x7= 56)

    Snow geese 20 per person ( 20x7= 140)

    Canada geese 5 per person ( 5x7= 35)

    i recall i posted this in another forum did i not tucker??


    yes i did...


    go look at it that is our limits there are no restrictions up here on certain species....


    so dont start again please and thank you...


    there was no illegal hunt here



    [ 10-02-2006, 08:26 PM: Message edited by: Blake_22 ]

  2. your right Rooster...


    i think the guy by the name of *ucker needs to slow down a bit you are right DU4LIFE25 about what you said in the other thread and it seems that wherever there is an argument *ucker seems to be there starting more trouble thinking he knows everything.


    anywho i agree Rooster you are 100% right.

  3. tucker what i am trying to say is you have absolutly no proof. im not saying shane is lying about his bag limits or im not saying he is telling the truth. i am saying even if he were to show the pictures and say how much he has / and or had.


    it all could be false. in the last picture he posted who's to say i wasnt there?


    in are first hunt who is to say there wasnt 5 of us there?


    and as goes for ol'Roy's post....


    think what you want about *Native American's* but they have rights and that was givin to them by our government.



    When most people hear of such activities it makes them MAD


    well **** happens. i get mad about a lot of things myself and hunting is not one of them i like to go out for a great morning or evening of shooting and being outdoors. there are plenty of birds out there. you guys all need to get a life and not be so tense of what goes on around you especially the internet. i dont know if you guys understand it is a screen that you look into it isnt like you are talking to the person 1 on 1 for all you know and the athorities know we could be ********ing all together. maybe we dont even hunt, have you ever thought about that tucker?





    Originally posted by Blake_22:

    Id say we were in legal limits.


    Legal limits are:

    Canada geese 5 per person






    Originally posted by shane19:

    Went out Sautrday morning Sept 23 by myself and shot 9 canada's ...



    Perhaps you and Shane should get together (in a less Bilblical way than usual, I mean), and get your stories straight?



    What stories??? shane said one thing and i said the legal limit. like i said you dont know if there was another person standing beside him do you.



    You know, you guys are probably right.


    I'll bet those Canadian conservation officers aren't all that great with IP addresses.


    But, I'll bet they can work wonders with boat registration numbers


    Nock yourself out... Have fun doing it...... they will more than likely say the same thing i did..... NOT ENOUGH PROOF. you cant go by a picture with nobody in it or just by typing it could be all ********.


    so tucker get a life...... and a job.. maybe that will keep you away from the computer for about 2 hours a day.

  4. i dont know if you understand this tucker but shane19 (my hunting partner) is legal to hunt and go over the limit just because you think we are over doesnt mean we actualy are.


    shall i point you out to another post made...




    and in all honesty i dont think the *game wardens* are going through all the work of tracking our ip's just to send us a fine. plus the pictures above doesnt mean anything considering there was 7 of us. Id say we were in legal limits.


    44 Mallards

    20 Snow geese

    7 Canada geese


    Legal limits are:


    Ducks - 8 per person ( 8x7= 56)

    Snow geese 20 per person ( 20x7= 140)

    Canada geese 5 per person ( 5x7= 35)


    so therefore we didnt do a realy good shoot but it was a great hunt and it took a long enough time to clean the birds.


    And *evidence* for all you know he could have been lying (which he may not be as well i know the answer). it would not be enough proof for them to even charge us or him they have to have more evidence then a picture posted on the internet and a little caption.


    [ 09-28-2006, 08:28 PM: Message edited by: Blake_22 ]

  5. BTW tucker photobucket I find one of the best and easiest website out there.... i guess personal prefrences.


    im the second from the left..


    that was a good morning shane and it was fun!


    [ 09-18-2006, 07:03 PM: Message edited by: Blake_22 ]

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