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  1. full, at 25 the targets can be 40-50 yards befor you know it. preferable a extended choke with a parralell section.


    defintly patten though, i like the 1 target 5 shots. this shows if your load is consistent. patteren at 40 yards. then decide if your factroy choke works. if not then go aftermarket.

  2. you used to be able to use 1, now some put out huge numbers of them.


    i just use a air lucky. and jerk string. i still get ducks. but the guys with motorized wings will get alot of birds.

  3. for decoying (in your face ducks) 2 3/4 or 3" is all you need. in #4 and 5. i never liked 6's they work but i allways eneded up with lots of pellets in the meat. the 4 and 5 seam to go through better.


    i will with a pump or auto toss in a 3.5" for the long last shot.


    if your talking decoing but 35 yards or more then all 3.5" as listed.

  4. for the price i have seen it could be the best and i wouldn't buy it. $20+ for steel shot is crazy even if it has luttle umbrella pellets, or razor or whatever they are. I dont like to pay more then 11 for steel.


    and even hevi is getting mor then i think it's worth.

  5. use the ss nothing wrong with useing what works for you


    i mean you could spend 1700 on a sbe2 (a real waterfowl gun) or beretta exstrema 2 for around 1500 thoes be list price. i've seen them both for a lot less even seen the ss for less then 1k. but not a issue.


    i use a stoeger sxs i got for 299 my bro uses a mossy 935 so really if it shoots steel and kills it dont matter.

  6. tungsten is hard but brittle. one or 2 shots through a choke a season should be ok. just don't go shhot a round of clays or duck hunt with it.


    for 20ish you can pick upa cheep hevi shot tube.


    honestly i can see no differenc except it's .01" more open. .675 vs. .665 in the model i like

  7. Get it, one can never have enough dogs just like guns. and realy you can take that 1k and put it tward pro training.


    dad tried to train our lab and well it just never happened. the dicipline and stamina and time required he just couldn't put in, the dog would fetch and play ball and stuff but he never liked the birds. or the guns.

  8. trying for AABM managment hunt. rest of the states fair game might try some of the walk in only areas. atleast only real hunters and heathy people should be there. CA (WMA) behind my house.



    white shells

    f/hs strut .665

  9. i think it was just it was old and kinda faded so it was more like a big bright tan flag. even to my eyes he stuck out like a sore thumb. we were hiding next to 3-4 oaks. it was water treebark sky not the best place.


    in the blind on the lake we have grass and stuff he blends in good there, and i kinda stick out camos to dark.


    my waders are max-4 there either underwater in a blind or in the grass undergrowth next to the tree i'm hiding by.


    i forget where i saw it. but they had guys in 4 types of cammo stand aronnd the same type of cover and took color and B&W photos. in the B&W everyone was hid farely well. in the color you could see 2-3 guys clearly in each shot. think was a grass style, mobu style, older brown, and sagebrush type. all taken in their respective areas.

  10. simple e-mail or letter to your reps does alot, and give a form letter to your friends to mail or e-mail to.


    convince everyone to write and mail on a certian day will make congress take notice. thats how the unions do it. we sent about 400 letters on the same day to our reps on the sweatshop bill and all cosigned it a week later.


    most of the time only lobyist get in to make statements or what they see on c-span. reciving 400 letters in one day makes a impression in votes and remind them they represent us and not the lobyist or themselves.

  11. i think most camo depends of if the critter sees color or b&w. birds normaly see color and 4 legged b&w.


    it's also game knowledge. if a critter doesent know a white face is bad it won't spook it.


    me and my bro were hunting ducks and i was on one side of the tree him the other me in new breakup and him in old brown camo. when ducks came in on his side they flared from my side they nearly sat in the dekes. the ducks new that patteren was bad news and fled when they saw it.

  12. i have the mad dog gear DU waders and like them.


    i've also used cheep walmart waders over my insulated pants and heavy socks. never got cold. but couldn't walk well.

  13. Not I. they said they had some in the store, but me or the sales guy couldn't find any.


    to light for were i hunt. New breakup works best for me. well i guess obsession now. spend most of my time standing by a tree. or in a oak leaf covered blind.

  14. think the dealer ment to say 10ga 3.5" or 2 7/8"


    I hunt big water alot with hard competion. We cheer when the prey gets over the decoys. so I shoot 3.5 alot. 1 5/8 of steel doesn't hurt anymor then the old 1 1/2 duckloads of lead.


    i use all 4 sizes on ducks and 3-3.5 on geese and turkey and other animals. yea dad has a 2.5" 12 and sometimes we whip out the old dubbles and hit the field.

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