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  1. SKK

    My new Nova is jamming

    The main reason I have cleaned it twice was because the rifled barrel was covered with fouling right out of the box. So I cleaned it up and just continued cleaning the rest. I've always heard to clean a new gun before taking it out. As for the second cleaning, well that was after the first time I experience a "stuck" s****. I figured I may not have gotten it lubricated enough. As for my cleaning procedures - it is what I've been taught by my father in law. I'm open to suggestions if you are willing to share. I am trying to learn which is why I posted a thread on the forum. There is
  2. SKK

    My new Nova is jamming

    Thanks Tucker. They were excellent to deal with on the phoen today. Said they should have it back to me in 3 weeks. Contrary to what some folks seems to have assumed by my post, I am not knocking my Nova. I really like it. I don't regret getting it at all. Once I got it sighted it with my red dot, I was drilling bulls from 50 yards. I love the way it feels and can't wait to get it back.
  3. SKK

    My new Nova is jamming

    Thanks for the support - especially for new user. Especially you hogwild. So supportive. By the way Benelli rep said that there is nothing that I could be doing and that I need to send it in. There is no way that it should be sticking like that. Tucker - thanks for the advice on the Rem Oil. I actually had read that somewhere in between cleaning which is why I switched to Breakfree.
  4. SKK

    My new Nova is jamming

    I'll be the first to admit that I may have done something wrong, but I did follow the direction for disassembly and reassembly and it did work for about 9 s****s prior to the first jam. I would think that if was something that I did it would not have worked at all. No rust at all that I can notice. The initial cleaning I used Rem oil on the trigger assembly and blew dry with compressed air. Then used Hoppe's lubricant lightly and wiped clean. Same with the firing pin and extractor. Used bore scrubber on the barrel and a bore snake to clean. Ran it through three times. Sprayed wit
  5. I have to admit first of all that this is my first shotgun - parden me if my terminology is not correct. First things first, I did field strip and clean the shotgun and both barrels prior to using. I've been out test firing my Nove 12 ga. I have the 26" VR field barrel and the 24" rifled barrel. I shot 10 s****s of 2 3/4 Remington Slugger without a problem. I loaded a 2 3/4 Winchester Super X Slug, fired, went to cycle and the gun was locked up. This was withthe field barrel. It was getting dark at the range so I brought it home and set to work. Finally, I was able to hold th
  6. SKK

    Need Advice

    Well I went to my local gun shop to check out the selections and I ended up getting the Benelli Nova Combo. I just liked the feel a bit more than the Remington and I also liked the location of the action release better. Plus with the price of the combo I was able to get the cantilever fully rifled barrel for about $70 cheaper than it would have cost me to get the Nova and the barrel separately. I get to pick it up tomorrow - just in time for an unual December warm up in Illinois. Into the 50s so hopefully I'll get it the range sooner rather than later. Thank you to everyone for the
  7. I was wondering this as well. All I can really see is a bigger trigger guard and comfrotech.
  8. SKK

    Need Advice

    I am looking for my first shotgun purchase. I'm not looking to spend alot I've narrowed my selections down and would liek to what opinions are and which may be the better overall gun. Benelli Nova; Stoeger 2000; Mossberg 500; Remington 870 All three have combo packs that offer a cantilever fully rifled barrel. I'm looking for a 12 guage. Thanks.
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