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  1. i am buying one of the two this week. the camo nova is in my budget. i will have to go with black to get the supernova. Is the supernova that much better? this will be for turkey, yotes, dove and a few pheasent but mainly the yotes and turkey. should i get the super and live without the camo?



  2. thanks, i have to talk him out of a video. he videos all our yote hunts and decided to try some turkey hunts this weekend. it is cool to be able to go back and look at the hunt. we got him on video in full strut for over 100yds coming into to four decoys. if i would have not got so excited and shot him i think he was headed to whoop up on one of the jake decoys.

  3. i bought my 2000 in december and went with the max4 because i like it better than the advantage. then they came out with the apg, i seen it in the store when i was picking up my choke and ammo for turkey season and i almost had to cry....i want that apg 2000. any one want to trade for a max4??????lol

  4. i have hunted till noon so far. tomorrow i am not going out till 4pm b/c the land owners i hunt on are seeing the birds between 4:00-6:30 pm in the open fields on the place. last weekend it was cold here and this weekend looks like cold and lots of rain......bummer

  5. well after reading here and a pm with mudhen i decided to get the jellyhead for my stoeger in max4 with 26" barrel. i patterned it today after adding a back sight. after patterning the gun at 25 yds. i found out that i have to aim at the neck about 2" down from head to get where i want the pattern. no problem b/c i can see the head while i am shootin. i shot the 3" win. high vel. #5's at 40yds. today and had 221 pellets in the 8" circle on a remington turkey target.


    i could not be happier with the choke. i will be trying the 3" remington 4x6's this week but dont think i will be changin!


    thanks everyone for all the great info...especially mudhen. i will post pics when i figure out how to.

  6. it is a stoeger 2000. i am asking because i have found the instructions on fitting a benelli shim to a stoeger. i just dont know which shim to order. they fit perfectly with drilling only one small hole.

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