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  1. YOur right but you have to remember your not shooting copper plated shells you are shooting 7 hevi shot which hits as hard as no 5 copper plated shot at 40 yards. The 7s have no problem killing at 50 yards. I shot 2 at 55 this year 1 at 49 and 1 at 63 all got knocked down for the count. 4x5x7 Nitro loads are the real deal.


    Exactly. Well said. And those ranges are not flukes for Nitros, they are the norm!

  2. I have a Rhino .660 tube on my SBE2 and I have been shooting the Nitro 4x5x7 3 1/2 inch 2 oz. loads for three years now and I swear by it.


    I will not hesitate a 60 yard shot, and I have made several. My furthest kill was 84 with it (double tap).


    A lot of people have put a lot of money and effort into building the ultimate turkey gun on the foundation SBE2. Since you already have the foundaion, go ahead and complete the structure, you'll be happy. I remember that I originally didn;t want tospend the extra money on the tube and the shells, but I am glad I did.


    Definitley put a sighting device on the gun. At 30 yards you have little room for error with the tight choke, and I have found the Nitro shells hold tighter than others as well.


    Just one more note...I shot a bowling pin Saturday at 100 yards, and there were 18 pellets in it....deep.

  3. Well, the pics didn't turn out, but I connected on my first bird of the season in Ohio this morning.


    The bragging rights aren't earned from the size of this one, but definitley from the calling and the shot. A 51 yard poke through tight cover using my SBEII, Rhino choke, and Nitro triplex 4x5x7 3 1/2" 2oz. loads.

  4. I patterned my SBE2 yesterday with my nitro shells. The pattern as expected was awesome at 25 and at 50.


    After I shot I noticed my Burris red dot had slid forward quite a bit. I went home, adjusted it, tightened it down and went back to adjust the sight. It did it again.


    I was shooting from a lead sled. Would this be the cause? And, what else should I do to rectify it?


    Thanx Guys!

  5. Awesome season and nice birds!


    I am still feeling guilty when I sleep until 6:00 AM, I can't mentaly let the season go.


    I'll post some pics later.


    I killed 3 birds between NY and PA. One of the birds was 23lbs! 9 1/2" beard, 1 1/8 spurs!


    Mywife told me if I had a turkey mounted she would leave, I hope the taxedermist hurries up with it :D

  6. I bought the Burris Spped Dot and I'll never go back to a bead on turkeys again. The tight chokes and mega loads we use today are a far cry from the full chokes and loads of even just a few years ago. We don't have the margin of error that we did in the days of the hail mary patterns, but we have gained tremendous range capabilities.


    I shoot an SBE 2 with a Rhino choke and 2 oz. Nitro Ammunition triplex loads. At 60 yards it shoots a 24" pattern with 5 shot average of 32 in the kill.


    My shortest range kill to date has been 42 yards.


    This year I took a bird at 54 yards and 60.


    A stock benelli will not perform off the shelf like that but with a small investment (choke, shells, and good red dot) you'll have an excellent turkey gun!

  7. The birds are starting to work with us up here finally. I got one in New York and Pennsylvania on Saturday and I was back home by 8:30!


    Yesterday I dumped a nice 23 lb longbeard in New York. I'm leaving in a few hours to hunt in central PA tomorrow and Saturday.


    The Benelli's Barking!

  8. The best way to become a better caller is to accept the fact that you are going to really tick off your wife. Its not a big deal because for the month you should care about eating, sleeping, and hunting and not any "extra curricular" activities:cool:.


    Listen to real turkeys. Don't just listen...really listen. Watch some hunting shows and also look on the web for some video and audio.

    It takes practice.


    I like to carry a mixxed bag in the woods. Usually a couple different boxxes, a few slates, a few glass calls. That way I can give the birds a choir if they need it. If one call does not work, I'll switch up. Also, if you booger a bird with a particualr call, put that one away in those woods and switch.

  9. We had two gobbling on the roost, right where we had scouted them! We snuck in and went to work, and they were buying into the whole "gotta come get you loving" scenario!


    They came in to about 60 yards and I could see them strutting through all of the limbs and thicket. Then one cam into an opening and I had the red dot on his neck. My 13 year old son was with me , but he was on the other side of the tree and couldn't see the birds, so I chose to hold fire and let them get closer and get around where Bill could see the birds.


    Right about then is when the sucubus came in...the hen that ruins everything!:eek:

    She ran up through scolding my calls and took my gobblers away!:mad:


    I'll get them!

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