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  1. I was looking through my Novas manual and noticed theres a recoil reducer that screws into the butstock. Anybody run these guys? How much do they reduce felt recoil? I like to shoot allot so im kinda thinking about it but would like to hear other peoples input. Thanks.
  2. I do plan on hunting deer down here in WA (probably with my Nova), so all the advice in that wont be wasted. Thanks for the recomendation.
  3. I dont live in a shotgun only area of the contry, but i do like the idea of a shotgun better. Its just more flexiable and also i like the challenge that the slugs ballistics give you.
  4. Alrighty im new to the hunting thing and trying to get into it. Im planning a trip up to Alaska in the Spring to do a bear hunt. I plan on using my Nova. Whats some reading i should do before going out? Ill be going with a few experinced guys but i dont want to look like a complete retard out there ya know. Thanks for the help.
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    Hello all

    Hey im new to the Benelli thing, and I just picked up a Nova (Tactical set up, 18.5" barrel with ghost ring sights). Anyway i picked it up primarilly as an HD weapon but i would also like to get into hunting. And that brings me to a question, who knows what the factory zero is for the ghost rings? I havent had a chance to shoot it yet so i would like to know where to start. Im thinking ill use this guy as is with slugs for bear. Anyway thanks for the help.
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