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  1. ...But it will kinda get you going when you buy a high dollar gun and then you have to tinker with it .

    C'mon, you don't really believe that a single gun setup is right for EVERYONE! (or, do you?)

    Let's reason this out; either a gunmaker just throws a model on the market with the hope that it'll fit someone/anyone or they configure it to fit the average-build gunbuyer and, if you're not of average-build, you adjust it or pay someone to do it for you. (Maybe you think Benelli should come to your home and do it for you!)

  2. First:

    well i have shot a lot of semi shotguns,


    Then, next post...

    i am new at this...


    Well, which is it? (Choose one and only one!:rolleyes:)

    Opinions are fine; if you give contradicting information, I get suspicious!

  3. Sorry, leftie, you post derrogatory comments and don't know the basics about the gun including the operating system or even the model!!! I'm not gonna let that slide without a comment.

    There are a lot of "Benelli-Bashers" out there who do have an agenda; they hate Benellis!:(

  4. I am looking for the differences in these and just not finding alot. The grips are different. What are the differences between the two?

    SuperSport/Cordoba; same gun under different finishes!

    Glad you didn't find imaginary differences!:D

  5. well i have shot a lot of semi shotguns and i am sorta happy with my m4 but that is the first thing i noticed that it had quite a bit more recoil than my browning gold or my 1187 but it was also a lot lighter and my other ones were gas driven and this one is enertia driven , but there is a lot of hipe that the benellie is the softest shooting gun i would have to dissagree BUT like you said it is a shotgun you would have to expect some kick ,

    I hate to disappoint you, leftie, but your M4 is not inertia driven it is gas-operated (if you really do own one:eek:) so, you don't have a hidden agenda, do you?:confused:

  6. Recoil? Surely you jest!

    The SuperSport is softer to shoot than the same load in my Winchester 1400 or Weatherby Orion (SKB).

    I'm beginning to believe this is taking on the status of "urban myth" perpetrated by those with a hidden agenda or those who haven't even shot one.

    Listen, Claybird68, the SS is a soft-shooter, period. My offer is always open; come and shoot mine!

  7. Some of you ladies seem to be oblivious to the fact that Benelli makes some of the most popular tactical and home defense shotguns there are.


    While I'm not into all of that like M1014, Duggan, and some others, it is a viable market sector for the company.


    Perhaps a new "Tactical" sub-forum would be helpful in keeping you sportsmen from accidentally clicking into threads like "home invasion, fact vs fiction".


    I can clearly see how you could have mistakenly assumed the discussion was going to be about chimney swallows. :rolleyes:


    I like this guy!:D

  8. Don't forget the "ComforTech" system. I've shot wood-stocked ID guns next to my SS and "felt"recoil is less (in my opinion) with "ComforTech". They seem to spread the recoil-impulse over a longer time making it feel softer (I agree with Conny; this isn't recoil reduction it's recoil "spreading").

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