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  1. I had a similar problem for a while this past summer. I did what you said above and have not had a problem since. Do you shoot the gun a lot?
  2. Yes, wood and bluing are fine. But IMHO the comfortech stuff is a help, at least when shooting heavy loads at ducks and geese. Depends a bit on how much duck/goose hunting you intend to do.
  3. The SBE II gives you more flexibility and will retain a (slightly) higher re-sale value. But then again, once you get ahold of one of these bad boys your never gonna want to let go of it in any case!
  4. A quick question about jamming. I have an SBE II with about 10,000 rounds through it. I recently bought three flats of 1.125 oz 1200 fps Remington Gun Clubs (#8s, FWIW) to use at the range. Last weekend out of 200 rounds I had about 10 cases where on the second shot the shell was just resting on the carrier and the carrier was about 1/2 of the way up. (The empty hull was ejected in every case). Soooo...I brought the gun home and tore it down completely and cleaned everything: trigger group, action spring and tube, mag tube and spring, etc. etc. I cleaned everything, relubed, and went bac
  5. I shoot a lot of very light loads in my SBE II, both in skeet/sporting clays, and at Doves. I can always cycle 1 oz 1185 fps loads, even though technically you are not supposed to be able to do so. Geese and ducks don't seem to mind being killed by my SBE II with the matte black finish. Briley or Comp-N-Choke.
  6. I am thinking of getting a LH Montefeltro (already have the LH SBE II, and love it--looking for a new toy, of course). Here is a potentially dumb question. I realize that the Montefeltro only comes in wood (at least the LH versions). A friend told me, however, that he is sure that the Cordoba synthetic stock and forend would swap out for that of the Montefeltro. Just curious. Any truth to this?
  7. So, where do I find a replacement recoil/action spring for the SBE II? I see that Brownell's sells them for the SBE, but it does not specifically state if these will fit the SBE II. Moreover, it is my understanding that the SBE II has a coating of some sort on the spring while the SBE spring does not. Is there some other outlet? Thanks!
  8. Yes, I have wondered the same thing. Perhaps it's just time to do it, change it that is. In the newer SBE II's is there any advantage of the Sure Cycle system relative to the factory spring? I have read not, but then I personally have no experience here.
  9. I know this is an old post, but I started it...and I am still having problems. Here's what happened last time I shot my SBE II at the skeet range. The first round it worked flawlessly...not a hiccup, nothing (shooting 1185 fps 1 oz. Winchester target loads, too). Then the next round it started. About every third time I would load a shell, hit the bolt release, and flip the gun over to put a second round in the magazine the carrier would not fully raise because the bolt was not fully seated in the battery. (Also, per Tucker's instruction I carefully checked the alignment of the tab relative to
  10. Tucker, many thanks! I will have a close look at this soon, but what you have described sounds very plausible. THANKS!
  11. Yes, Veduci, that would be me...you Putz! And now that you have discovered this forum you should cruise over and sign-up at the Shotgun World Forum.
  12. I have started to have a few problems with my SBE II whilst shooting at the range over the past several weeks. Before explaining, a bit of background. I have had the gun for about nine months now, and have shot everything through it from 1185 fps 1 oz estates to 3.5" Federal Blackcloud. While at the range I mostly shoot 1 oz Rios at 1200 fps (very clean burning, too, I might add). I have probably put about 2500 rounds of various sorts through the gun, mostly the lighter stuff. No here is the problem I have started to have. I load the first shell in the chamber and hit the bolt releas
  13. I have an SBE II LH and love it. There are mostly only pros to this gun: lightweight, 3.5" capacity, ability to reliably cycle even light target loads, comfortech stock (yes, I do thiink it helps when shooting the heavy stuff, at least relative to not having it), shims to adjust fit, etc. The gel cheekpad. Not to mention dead solid relability and absolute ease of maintaince. Are there any cons? Well, a bit more recoil than you get from a gas gun. I personally don't like the factory recoil pad and replaced it with a limbsaver. I also at times find it kind of awkward having all of the essen
  14. 3" #4 or #6 Hevishot for Ducks -- last time I bought was about $18 for a pack of 10, though an IC choke. 3.5" BBB Federal Black Cloud for geese, $25 per box, also through an IC choke.
  15. Well, yes, the 11-87 will likely be a softer shooting gun for several obvious reasons, including gas operation and heavier weight etc. I would not want to take the SBE II to the range and stand there and shoot 3.5" loads all day--would be too much. But the only time I ever for sure felt the recoil in the field was when I decided to pull the trigger when the gun was mounted on my upper arm instead of in my shoulder pocket. Ouch! (Of course this also resulted in a miss as I was nowhere near lined up). Also, I prefer the limbsaver aftermarket pad to the ones that Benelli provides. Just my p
  16. Personal preference for sure. I went through the same decision process about a year ago. I finally settled on the black synthetic. I have no regrets at all...indeed, any problems I had with decoy shy ducks/geese were really not related to the color of the gun!
  17. Thanks, yes, I was thinking about Carlson. They are certainly a little easier on the pocketbook. I have no experience with them myself, however.
  18. I am considering getting a few extended choke tubes for use in my SBE II in the clay game applications. I own some briley choke tubes I use in an old 11-87 and have no complaints about these. But I have also read that some seem like the Comp-n-Choke choke tubes in a Benelli. I am curious what others are using and whether or not they like/prefer what they are using relative to, say, the flush factory tubes.
  19. Okay, truth is for me the best all-purpose gun I own is my Benelli SBE II. It is probably too light to be a seriously dedicated sporting clays gun, but that did not seem to be the question that was posed by the OP. Mine will cycle everything from 1 oz loads on up without a hitch. It will even cycle the hot 7/8ths oz Remington Gun Club loads. I also do pretty well with it shooting skeet low gun (break the occasinal 25-straight) and it is fun to shoot sporting clays with once in a while. I have also used it with great success hunting doves, crows, ducks, geese, phesants, etc. The only downside i
  20. Thanks for the info on the Vortex tube. I have not actually heard of anyone (until now) who has used one. Have you put this on the pattern board yet? Just curious. Also, I agree that Black Cloud is very dirty stuff. After the goose season was over the recoil spring in the buttstock of my SBE II just made a funny crunching noise when retracted. A careful cleaning put it back to right, however. I think I am going to check out the Vortex tubes this coming season. Any excuse to buy a few more gadgets and trinkets!
  21. Hmmm...interesting. This is something I have not heard. Why this more than, say, Hevi-shot? Any more specifics? This past year I used blackclould BBB on geese with good results through a Cabela's hevi-shot modified choke (which I think is actually IC for lead shot) tube. I am wondering if there is much experience out there yet with the Kicks Vortex choke tubes.
  22. Recoil? I feel more shooting 150 rounds with it at the range than 5-10 3.5" loads in the field. I actually think this comfortech stuff works, or at least more or less helps, with these heavy loads. Anyone else shooting Federal Blackcloud in your SBE II? If so, what choke make/configuration are you using? Just curious.
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