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  1. A topic that has been beat to death I suppose. I have a SBE II that I picked up last summer (50th b-day gift to myself). I have found, hands down, this is the finest field gun I have ever owned. I have used it consistently for early season dove hunting, and found that I could quickly pick up birds (and down them) etc. Wonderful! I have also shot the gun some in clay games, both in sporting clays as well as skeet (and a little trap). I shoot 1220 fps 1 oz Rios exclusively (and have never had a single ftf, jam, or anything of the sort) for this application. Now here is is my question. I find that the SBE is too light, as well as overly balanced towards the buttstock, for my tastes when shooting clay targets--I will typically shoot an 11-87 12ga with an added 10 ozs to the barrel. I understand there are weights that can be added to the front of the SBE, either through the mag tube or the mag cap, and these seem to range in weight from 11 ozs for the mag tube weight to 8 ozs for the mag cap. (C&H Mercury Recoil Reducer). I lean toward the weighted mag cap so that I don't have to fiddle with the plug etc. when switching back to hunting situations. I am not interested in adding the weight so much for recoil reduction as I am for altering the balance of the gun and helping (hopefully) to smooth out the swing. Will adding 8 ozs of weight to the front of the gun likely cause me problems with cycling the 1 oz Rios? I sort of suspect that it might, but I really don't want to spend $60 to find out. Anyone else have any experience along these lines?
  2. Great suggestion...Thanks! I'll try this next time.
  3. I ordered a new SBE II (LH) with 28" bbl and in black synthetic. in March and finally picked it up a week ago. I cleaned and lubed it and took it to the range this past Friday. What a dream machine! I never even had a chance to break it in with heavy field loads--just shot 1.125 oz target loads, and it cycled these fine all afternoon long. I am now convinced, indeed, dead certain, that this gun is worth every penny I plunked down for it. It fits me very well and handles very well, too. It is also so easy to clean when done. I will for sure be a dedicated Benelli owner/shooter for the rest of my life! Couple of minor gripes: The operating handle is very hard to get out--have to wrap it in cloth and use pliers to dislodge it. The trigger assembly is a bit tricky to get back into place, but I think I now have this part down. Just wanted to share this with some other Benelli fans. HH
  4. I faced the same decision a while back and bought the SBE II in black. I just decided it was probably a bit more versatile for my purposes than was the camo. Plus, I have seen too many camo guns (not so many Benelli's, however), that look pretty cruddy in a few years.
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