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  1. OK! I understand the words that are coming out of your mouth...


    It does not appear the ports are cleaned by anyone so we are forging ahead to new territory. You may be able to clean the ports from inside the barrel with a right angle dentists brush. They are referred to as interdental or interproximal brushes. They come in a variety of diameters and some are conical in shape. I don't have a clue what diameter the port is but you may find something big enough to work (the first link shows standard passage hole diameters for each standard size brush) . I don't think I would recommend using a dental pick as it would scratch the **** out of the bore finishes in the piston sleeve and/or barrel.


    ISO Standard Sizes:



    A Company that makes a right angle handle with interchangeable tips:



    Remember to see your dentist and gun smith for regular 6 month cleanings and checkups:D




    ABSOLUTELY perfect! Thank you so much. I genuinely appreciate it.

  2. I used to run a .40cal bore-brush down the piston sleeves, that was the most I did there, just b/c I am OCD. It is not needed. You don't clean the gas-port on an AR do you? Thought not.


    I thought I was pretty thorough in explaining what I did and what I was trying to do and what I realized.


    One more time. I already cleaned the sleeves. I realize you dont' need to clean the actual ports raceway. But, I want to anyway. This is the question I asked.


    Has anyone used anything to clean it. Not has anyone not cleaned it or left it.


    I have not tried the dental pic. Thank you. That was closest to what I was looking for.

  3. You'll probably want to look at a KZ or Surefire forend for your last US made part.




    The forend I mentioned when I put "forend" on my list is aftermarket (Surefire) already.

  4. Pulled the pistons out and cleaned both of their respective housings. (Both pistons are hard chromed to be easy to clean and show carbon/fouling much more easily than the black original pistons). Contrast in color makes it much easier to clean missed areas and visualize fouling.


    I want to clean the ports from the barrel to the pistons.



    It's clear the pistons "scrape" the opening of the ports that enter into the piston area. That is the very walls of where the port intersect the housing for the gas pistons.


    But nothing cleans the body of the port holes. The actual raceway of the gasses.


    I'm talking in between the piston scrapers and the barrel. It's probably 1-2mm length of area.


    That's the area I want to clean. I know it's not necessary. That's not what I"m asking. Just asking if anyone has found a way to get into the area.





  5. i used my Beretta 391 chokes from Trulok and Comp-n-choke with success on my M4.



    Don't know if it's the same as the M4


    They work great.

  6. No. You still need one additional component.



    Is this in compliance:




    Mag tube



    charge handle

    Mag spring




    I replace all the above.

  7. Is there any thing that and fit into the B. M4 gas port holes?


    I did the bore snake and brush and mop on the barrel and cleaned everything else in detail.



    But want to run something through the gas port holes.

  8. Odd. Maybe someone accidentally loaded one of the new M438 tungsten railgun rounds I read about in this months Shotgun News ... that would probably do it.


    ETA - I feel the need to post this in honor of bad guys flying backwords from the sheer force of being shot ...



    My goodness. I didn't know they had Hi-cap 1911's back then.



    Your set-up is almost like mine..........ha ha...........


    I like it where my fore grip hand middle and ring finger actuate the momentary on and my pinky actuates the constant on.





  10. Look on the forum. It is mentioned in numerous threads that I forgot the links to. It will be ready when the rails are.


    I searched under M4 Brake, M4 muzzle brake, and muzzle brake and can't find it.



    Oh well, I suppose I'll hear about it when it's completed.

  11. I would hold out for Kip's. It is an OEM copy basically. Swarfworks does not look OEM.



    Where and when will this be made and is there a link to view or read about it?

  12. I have a Mesa six shell holder. Fit was great. Had other Mesa products on my 870's and it was great as well.


    Much better than all the plactic Tac Star stuff.


    I met the Mesa guy at the Costa Mesa show. Very helpful and the customer service was good too.



  13. So, I took off the stock rail and put on a Mesa side saddle with their rail.


    Though I has stubs and looks the same, is it indeed a better rail?



    OOPS! Wrong thread. I wanted to post this on the bad receiver thread.



    Mesa has been great to me. Very high quality and unique products.

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