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  1. I just got my telescoping stock , but have a question. It didnt come with new stock tube. I currently have the M4 with pistol grip stock. Do I have to order a new stock tube or what?


    Thanks for any help.

  2. I run the Aimpoint H1 with the Larue mount on my Benelli M4 for duty. Cant beat it. Small lightweight, very well made. The only difference between the T1 and H1 are the T1 you can use NVG's and it can be submerged in 35 feet of water compared to 15 for the H1. The Aimpoint's battery life is 5 years continous on.

    I used to run an Eotech on my SWAT Rock River, but IMHO the Aimpoint cant be beat. Go with that and a good light and your good to go.

  3. Hello, new member and new M4 owner. this will be used for by me on duty (LEO).

    i'm looking for a red dot sight. I've used the Eotech on m4 .223, but i was thinking on going with either one of these.

    1. Aimpoint compML3.


    2.Cmore tactical.


    Anyone with info or ideas on either one of these would be great.


    Any other info on running this weapon for duty use would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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