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  1. I wrote it wrong. I have other gas powered autoloaders. I meant Inertia. I have broken it down completely and cleaned it.


    What I meant by "tube" is where my plug is. I don't feel confident that I am getting all of it clean.


    I spend a lot of time in the water and this weekend I got home from a morning hunt and already had surface rust appearing from that mornings hunt. I just don't want to miss anything and worry I am missing an area.

  2. I beat the heck out of my SBE II during waterfowl season. I clean it regularly because it gets surface rust pretty quickly.


    I love the gun but its durability to the elements is not very impressive.


    I am worried about the areas that you usually don't clean like the tube and the gas system. Any one ever get into that area to clean and if so,, How did you do it?

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