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  1. I believe the Supernova will take up to 3.5'' shells were as the Nova will take up to 3'' shells. Just depends on your hunting needs now and what you believe you will need in the future. A Benelli's is a shotgun you and your family will most likely use for a lifetime.Enjoy.

  2. Personally, I like the field stock and have been looking to add one to my collection. If your not sure on the field stock and would like a pistol grip I would be willing to make you an offer on the field stock. Just pm me if interested.

  3. i own one of the original 2500 M1014's new in box. it has the american flag and fake skeleton stock. i moved to the city and never shot it. has this become a collectors items? could someone tell me the value of this shotgun? is this worth more than a new M4 90? thanks in advance i am just coming back from dropping off the grid.


    Some guy on here wanted to pay 3,500. You should pm him if you want to sell. No need to thank me,you can buy me a beer later.lol Personally the only benefit I see is the skeltonized stock as mentioned by cleefurd.






  4. Thanks Sneakerfrek - I will take a look at the TLR-2. How did you attach the unit to the M4?


    Used the laserlyte tri rail I mentioned earlier. The light/laser has a spring type mount that attaches to the rail. If you click the link in the above thread you can also get the laser/light from Sgcusa.com as well(under weaponmounted flashlights). Cheapest price around.Enjoy.

  5. You can go to Cabelas and get a laser bore sighter that is already aligned in a 12 gauge shell.Very simple. Also manual sight adjusting will depend if he has the ghost ring sights or rifle sights but this bore sighter will work for either. May he enjoy the new M2 for many years to come.

  6. Does anyone have any experience with the Surefire 617LF weapon light system - looks pretty neat. They only say M1 & M2 models - does anyone know if it fits an M4?




    According to my local shop it does not. I looked at all surefire options and ended up witht he Tlr-2 because you get a reliable laser/light combo for much less then the surefire. The laser is perfect for homedefense and a huge bonus for shooting fun. The laser is just flat out s**t yoor pant scary if your on the wrong end. I also like the fact that I can take the light/laser off very easily and mount it on my hk compact. Further more it has 3 mode light only, light/laser combo, and light only. It only weighs about 4 or so ounces and keep the natural weight balance. The reason I recommmend the streamlight is the no excuses lifetime warranty and that so many officers carry them on there guns here in Phoenix area and swear by them. Also this light option will save you at least 150-200 bucks over comparable surefire lights that don't even have a laser. Also you can get the light only Tlr-1 for 99 bucks if cash is an issue. Trust me Phil I racked my brains for weeks trying to find the perfect light for my M4 before buying the Tlr-2 Light laser combo. It is the perfect fit for me and My M4.Damn I sound like im newly in love.lol.

  7. Hi guys


    I have a stock M4, and I am looking to add a tactical light system - I'd rather not pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement rail system, as it's overkill for what I need. I can't imagine attaching anything else apart from the light (and perhaps a side saddle later).


    The main requirement I am looking for is that I can field strip the gun without tools.


    Any advice?


    I use a laserlyte model I bought from the Scottsdale Gun Club on my M4. Have an Streamlight Tlr-2 mounted on it and love the light/laser combo.





  8. I am now able to post photos so here is what it looks like:




    I have also seen this on a camo M4 in my local gun store. You figure for 1500-1800 or so they would not do that. Either way you wil love your M4. She is my Favorite shotgun ever.

  9. I was thinking you were gonna get a high quality Surefire like a scout or so.When I looked at the mountable lights and pressure switches from surefire they were like 325-450 versus just over 220 for the light/laser. If your limited on funds just get a tlr-1 or insight for like 99.My problem is I would regret not spending another 100 bucks to get a laser.

  10. It will not fit the M4.


    The m4 has no aftermarket buttpads.


    I wish it did, but it does not.


    A few people on here have made their own, by mounting limbsaver pads made for other guns, then shaving down the pad until it was flush.


    If you're desperate for a recoil pad, I bet some of the limbsaver slipon units would fit on the stock and provide a decent level of comfort/feel.



    Thx Duggan. 'Im gonna try this the next month or so.

  11. Ok, maybe I'm not making a good enough offer. I have to have a Benelli M1014. So, here it is...


    -I will pay $3,500.00 cash OR :cool:


    -I will pay $1,500.00 and trade a Benelli M4 NIB w/3 position recoil tube OR :D


    -I will pay $x,xxx.xx and trade any of the following

    -Kel-Tec PLR16 (.223)

    -Kimber SIS pro (.45)

    -Kimber Custom Eclipse 2 (10mm)

    -Colt AR-15 M4LE

    -FN Five-Seven (5.7x28)

    -AK-47u (7.62x39)[/quote


    Crazy high offer kimber. But sometimes I just gotta have something as well.lol

  12. I picked up a Briley 3 shot extended magazine with a dual picatinny rail for my Supernova Tactical and ordered some Meprolight Tritium sites for it as well. Now I just have to figure out what two things I want to mount on that rail, thinking a laser and a light but doubt the boss(wife) will be fine with such purchases right now. Maybe I can sneak a sling and upper picatinny rail(if I ever decide/find what I could mount there and still use the ghost ring sites with) into the x-mas purchases today.


    Snipe just tell the wife the Streamlight TLR-2 will be cheaper then getting a surefire light alone. Thats what I told my wife and it looks great on my M4.You can get a Laserlyte Tri Rail mount and still use your ghost rings. Try sgcusa.com amazing price and both mount and light/laser instock. Merry Xmas.

  13. sneakerfreak602,


    Since you already have a tube (I won't hold that against you), and have expressed approval of this offer, contact me, if you have never joined, I'll get you started for one years dues on me, no strings attached.


    PM me for details, and Merry Christmas


    PM sent. Ill buy an M4 mag spring as indicated in you other post to make up for it. Thanks.

  14. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you, yours and all!

    Patiently waiting for x-mas morn- There is a new Benelli under there for someone!

    What a great wife. He must really respect you if its stilll under the tree.lol I told my wife I must buy my M4 and have it in Nov. cause of Obama even though it was originally for Xmas.

  15. For home defense got an elastic buttshell holder on my M4, but for huntingI've never seen the need for one. Now I do like those snazy Benelli shooting vests to hold extra shells when hunting,target or clay shooting. .Btw I would probably throw my gun on the ground too.Just my 2 cents hope it helps.

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