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  1. Gunbroker.com has several. You can get it shipped ot your ffl. From my understanding, M4 should come stock with pistol grip. Also if you have a Cabela's in your area try them . They had rebates about 1 month ago. If you need just the pistol grip stock call the Scottsdale Gun Club(480-348-1111).They had several in stock last time I was there.

  2. I just purchased a Benelli factory +2 tube extension from Gunbroker. They are only going to become harder to find, plus more expensive. I can't imagine paying more than I had to for the one I bought. Oh, well...it will be a nice shotgun setup when it all comes together!


    Congrats. I am sure you will be happy.

  3. I have the Benelli factory extension and absolutley love it. The finish matches perfect compared to the stock dummie tube. In my honest opinion if you spent 1500 or so on your M4 treat her right and get her the factory extension versus trying to save the money on an aftermarket.At least you won't be disappointed with the quality and look or have your gun jam. Try gunbroker.com

  4. I am not wanting a "factory" +2 extension as I know they cost mucho coin, just one that it designed like it that allows the barrel to be removed while the extension can stays on the tube. I also dont want one that has the overly huge buldge where it screws onto the factory tube. Some of those +2 extension look like a snake that ate a basketball!!!



    I see. Best of luck to you.

  5. Duggan & Lakotah Thank you for you input on the different optic options. I will look into the aimpoint with low mount as well as the Burres when I go to my local shop.


    Duggan it sounds like the only way I could use an eotech is with my collapsable in mid position and be comfortable? You recomend the511 model over the 512 for my M4 usage? I heard the 511 needs to be rezeroed if you take it off or something ? Really like the eotech holo image (espcially if it gets mudded or blocked as on ther website) are the others the same type image or red dot type setup?


    Do you guys think at this point it would be more fiting to get ghost ring night sights and spend my money on a weapon mounted flashlight? If so any recomendation on a light and night sights( I just know of the mepro).

  6. I have recently aquired an M4 and would like to make some further modifications. At this point I have a pistol grip, collapsable stock on the way from a forum member(props to chromegsxr2002), and full mag capacity. I use my M4 mostly as a primary home defense weapon along with my H&K 40 cal Compact with night sights and hi caps for back up. I spend a good amount of range time with my M4 and being in Arizona we also like to go desert shooting.


    My ? are as follows:


    1 What type of weapon mounted flashlight would you recomend for the M4?


    2 As far as an Optic goes I was looking at an Eotech 512 but am unsure what would be best for my situation.


    I am thinking about getting night sights for my ghost rings either in conjuction or as an alternative to the optic.


    Thanks in advance your input is appreciated.

  7. My M4 cylced everything from Federal 00,Federal 000, Federal 2"3/4 and 3" slugs, Kents 3" magnum diamond bird shot, and even some cheap Wally world type remington and winchester bird shot loads. I personally don't see why either 00 wouldn't work . I always recomend buying a bunch of different boxes of ammo in smaller portions to break in your gun to see what works. Best of luck and I'm sure you'll enjoy your M4.

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