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  1. Sorry about no pics. Someone stole my Nikon D3100 when I was at the maternity ward last week seeing my neice. If you would like pics I would be happy to text you pics on your cell phone just pm me your number. Also my price is a bit flexible for an immediate sale. Not interested in parting out the gun but I am flexible on removing the TLR-2 to reduce the price.You will not be disapponited with this awesome Benelli package. Thanks for all the replies, pm's and interest.

  2. Lightly Used Benelli M4 11707 approx 300 rounds fired. Mint Condition.


    OEM Benelli Collapsible 3 Position Collapsible Stock

    OEM Benelli M4 Field Stock

    OEM Benelli Pistol Grip Stock

    OEM Benelli Magazine Extension

    TLR 2 Light Laser Combo with Rail Mount

    2 Elastic Side Saddles

    Hard Case With Foam

    Factory Box, Manuals, paperwork and all original parts included.


    I spent years putting together this M4 package and can guarantee you will never see another complete setup with all these OEM Benelli pieces again. I will not part out.


    I am located in Phoenix Arizona. I have numerous feedback on ebay and other forums if needed. Pics upon request. PM me for a faster response.

  3. Just trying to get an idea of pricing as I am possibly looking to sell my M4.


    11707 Model M4 about 300 rounds fired


    All 3 stocks Collapsable, pistol grip, and standard M4 stocks with Benelli Factory +2 extension included.


    Great condition with all manuals,box and a hard case.


    ***Just a note this is not a sale listing so don't send me your lowball offers. I just want your honest opinions before I go to a gunshow. Thanks in advance.****

  4. Personally, I have the M4 shotgun ready and the Hk 40 cal on the nightstand. If I hear a bump I usually grab the M4. I think it important to mention that I have a c stock on mine so manerving in the house is a piece of cake. Either way you go get a TLR-2 flashlight and laser combo for your home defense weapon. I can tell you that I have seen a laser alone stop a confrantation without firing a single shot.


    With my pistol I'm super accurate, as I've been shooting for 15+ years, but with my shotgun I know I wont miss and most likely will only have to fire one shot to lay an intruder down. Btw did I mention I live in the kidnapping and home invasion capital of the US Phoenix Arizona. You gotta be prepared here.

  5. Thanks fellas. I looked on Kip's site and he doesn't have anything posted for the rails, charging handles or breecher tubes.


    What's the verdict on slugs/sabots for this platform? Any that stand out as better than the rest?


    I like the Federal rifled slugs. No need to waste money on sabots.

  6. On gunbroker he can get a +2 benelli oem with a spring. Not sure on a full length tube. I personally like the oem +2 on my M4. Thanks again for your service to the community and be safe.

  7. given the choice between an Urbino and a c stock in this economy I don't know why anyone would even want a c stock...to cut the overall length by a mere 3"? to look tacti-cool??? it just isn't worth the extra cost imo when the Urbino is superior (and yes, I had a c stock briefly)


    Until I see and urbino in person I'll stick with the oem. Only benefit is a better cheek weld for optics from my understanding. Also does it even collapse or is it just a shorter lop?

  8. Your definitely dreaming at 300. Figure Botach was 225 plus shipping the seller would make maybe 50-60 bucks for selling them at 300. 500 seems realistic now where as a couple months back people were getting 800+. If I were you I would bid on that one for 400. Just my 2 cents.

  9. Wow that was a heck of a break. Back injuries are always a hard thing from my experience. Take care we wish you a speedy recovery. People take it easy on him reagrding your orders we can see hes preoccupied.

  10. Personally, I think the middle position on the c stock is the sweet spot for me. You can take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I do own all 3 stocks available for the M4. Also when we go shooting my buddies prefer to shoot with the collapsible.It still cracks me up that everyone is worried about cost when they bought a 1500 shotgun. Damn guys it's a Benelli not a Charles Daly shotgun.

  11. I'm from New York orginally and moved to Scottsdale a while back. I love Arizona and would recommend Scottsdale or North Phoenix where I now live. My wife went to ASU and it's a good school as well. The heat is hot but not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Our summer here is just like dealing with a winter back east it's a bit of give and take. The gun laws are also great here in the next 90 days or so you won't even need a ccw to carry. Welcome to the west.

  12. What makes ghosts better for HD than rifle sights? Seems like it would be a tad slower since you have to peep through a circle, no?


    I'm deciding this issue now, so I'd appreciate ANY opinions.



    I prefer the ghost rings. To me they seem like 2nd nature. Now would I bird hunt with them?? probably not

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