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  1. I usaly pick up a 100 round case of 7 or 8 shot for 22 dollers at walmart.



    +1 on the Wally World federal 100 round boxes.I use them all the time for the range in my semi auto. Great price!!

  2. I can answer part of your question. With pump mode you can shoot all types of loads. The reason people mention low powered loads is leo can use the M3 to cycle non lethal rounds such as bean bags and rubber bullets.


    If you don't mind me asking how come your looking at an M3 not an M4?

  3. Depends what your gonna do with it? If your a hunter and would like to use 3.5 inch loads get the supernova because the nova will only accept up to 3 inch shells. Its 80 difference in my area so I would get the supernova.Just my 2 cents

  4. My M4 will eat anything from the cheap Walmart bird shot to the federal vital shock 00 buck. Just buy a bunch of different types of 3 inch and 2.75 and see what you personally like.

  5. I just picked up my super Nova in desert camo and was curious if any one makes a collapsible stock for it. So far I haven't been able to find any accessories for it. I would appreciate any help I can get.



    Nope not in the USA. One time saw a guy from Italy had one, but they are as rare as an lepriacon.

  6. It is pretty comproable to prices in my area. If you have a Cabela's sometime you can get one for 1399. You can get an factory extension or aftermarket full length tube online.IMHO M4 is the best shotgun.If the model is 11707 it will accept the collapsible stock although they cost an arm and a leg.



    I assume by that you mean that no one here will want a M2T but I am willing to deal enough that I am sure it will find a new home.


    No I'm congratulating you on your new purchase.Best of luck selling the old one.

  8. Guys don't waste my thread space with your arguments.Unless you have some interest don't post. Cody 6.0 why would I sell my stock for cheaper than I paid? Do you see me trying to flame your fs thread.no so gtfo. This is a rare opportunity for people who want a collapsable stock. All Pm's responded too.

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