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  1. I've looked at the fab arm but havent made the jump since I can't see me realistically using all those rails. I have a tlr-2 mounted on a laserlytle trirail,funny thing I only use the one mount for my light laser combo, on my M4 and am more than happy. I also wasn't sure about the rails getting in the way when shooting. Either way if you do get one post a review.

  2. 50 would be a steal but it sounds like you only got one part of the 2 piece stock? Chromegsxr2002 your collapsible is feeling at home on my M4. Wish you sold me mine for 50.lol.Thanks again.

  3. I know people consider this stock expensive, but until our good friend cleefurd produces some aftermarket stocks, he will most likely sell the stock for his asking price. I think the stock is a must have accesory, but I agree things are getting pretty crazy in the gun market on everything.

  4. If it is the 11707 model # M4, it should be able to collapse the stock in 3 positions. Full length of pull, middle position, and all the way closed.If it is a M1014 model you will have to get the positions millled by a competent gunsmith.Btw you must depress the button and turn the stock to the right as pushing forward to collapse it.

  5. In less than 4 years that will not be worth $2500.00. NOBAMA. He will be gone.


    Too much $$ man. The run for M4's is nuts, and unwarranted! M2 is a fine weapon!


    M2 tacticals have gone up drastically and are just as hard to find in my area as the M4. M2's are fantastic weapons although my personal preference is the M4, but with me the price of a new shotgun was not a determing factor. It just seem like everything has gone up from guns, bullets, to gas lately.

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