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  1. 1 hour ago, MTB Guy said:

    Amazing deal!!  Where do u live?  I'm gonna find that auction house!!  I just paid top dollar for the last 1014 in Los Angeles.  Back orders are now totaling roughly 800 with a 6 month delivery window.  

    There are several available currently on gunjoker, all at a premium.

  2. In Texas one can use deadly force on someone at night if one "reasonably believes" the varmint is making off with one's property*. In Texas one can use deadly force against an arsonist day or night.

    *Several years ago a repo guy in Houston was repossessing someone's pickup truck which the 'owner' was in the arrears on the note in the wee hours of the morning. The 'owner' (no one really owns any automobile via the CERTIFICATE OF TITLE scheme, the state actually owns the automobile) stepped out his front door with a 30-30 and took a shot at the wrecker driver fatally wounding him. The wrecker driver was found in his wrecker in a ditch a mile or so from where he picked up the truck in loan default. A Harris County Grand Jury no billed him. I know of another case in Austin many years ago where some varmint was stealing the stereo out of someone's Jeep parked in his carport in the wee hours of the morning. The owner was awakened by noises in his carport, stepped out the door to see someone fleeing up the driveway (the driveway to the house in question sloped up to the street in this neighborhood) and shot the varmint in the back with a shotgun killing the varmint. Again, a Travis County Grand Jury no billed the shooter.

  3. A buddy of mine who owned a gun store for several years was telling me today that he understood that a Benelli M4 will still cycle with both pistons broken, that it was designed to still operate on blowback force when the gas system isn't working. Any truth to that? Has anyone ever tried shooting a Benelli M4 with both pistons out?

  4. 12 hours ago, NineInchNails said:


    I would recommend either a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun due to its lower price and simplicity in comparison to the Benelli M4.

    ALL Mossberg pump shotguns have a fatal flaw which can be addressed, but if not addressed it can and will result in a jammed shotgun action. That fatal flaw is that if it gets dropped, even from a relatively low height, it's very likely that the elevator will become dislodged from one or both holes where it rests in the receiver. I have a Mossy Shockwave. I've only dropped it intentionally from a height of ~12-14 inches onto a piece of carpet three times and two of the three times I dropped it resulted in the elevator popping out of position. I managed to get the elevator to pop back into place with a tool and a little impact with a fixed object, however if this happens to a Mossy pump you own do NOT attempt to rack the action or it WILL jam the action  (whether loaded or unloaded) and you will need to have a gunsmith straighten it out (unless you're a gunsmith competent on a Mossy). If you rack the action in the field with the displaced elevator, i.e. away from the workbench and your tools, you're screwed. (I have a Rock Island pump and it has the exact same problem which I haven't yet corrected.) I took my Shockwave to a gunsmith and he permanently rectified the problem. FWIW, my gunsmith didn't believe at first until I pointed out utube videos exposing the fatal flaw. He contacted Mossberg and inquired about the problem, and get this, they told him they were unaware of any problem with dropping one of their pump shotguns from a relatively low height. Of course they are. lol

    ETA: Of course the very best pump shotgun options for home defense are the Benelli Nova and Super Nova.

  5. Well that sucks. It's The Mother of All Psyops, sorry to hear you got the shaft so hard up the backside. This is the front end point of the tsunami where the ocean pulls back leaving no water on the beach so we're all going to get BOHICA'ed. This was totally planned as part of Agenda 2030, nothing at all natural about this. It's absolutely nothing like what we're being told, the NIH came out and 'fessed up two weeks ago that their BS test are giving 80% false positives. And oh yeah, the hospitals are getting 'grant' money for positive tests ($13k) and for deaths they attribute to testing positive ($39k). Who's going to turn down free money they're trying so hard to give away to maintain the illusion?? How's this working out for y'all, ya happy?? Who's going to be able to buy a Benelli shotgun in our dystopian future??

  6. Unfortunately there are no longer any spare parts available for the 121M1. Choate used to make an aftermarket polymer stock or two (at least a PG version and perhaps a field stock version as I recall), but that was years ago and their inventory is most likely all gone now. When I last spoke with Choate (c. 2006-7?) I got one of their last 121M1 PG stocks and at that time they advised me they did not plans to run another batch of 121M1 stocks. So regrettably if you're unable to repair your broken stock you've likely got a donor shotgun good only for spare parts.

  7. I'd order it and make sure my M4 is 922(r) compliant with the C-stock with the C-stock installed prior to installing it. Generally websites that advertise "LEO or military only" will allow you to complete your shopping cart transaction and then email you afterwards for "official verification." If you fail to provide "official verification" they will simply cancel your order. While I've never experienced it there may be some vendors out there who advertise that way yet never seek verification.

    Vendors are in business to make sales, you never know if you don't give it a shot.

  8. I bought a new van the other day. My assistant happened to drive it into a small wall he failed to see as he turned a corner and damaged the rocker panel. My dealer won't fix it without charging me for the repairs. Should I be pissed?

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  9. Guess what? It's not actually an impeachment unless and until the House managers make it to the Senate floor and present the articles of impeachment. Essentially Trump hasn't been subjected to impeachment YET. Dumborats are so stupid.



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