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  1. I am looking to buy my first shotgun, but I am torn between an 870,Nova, and Super Nova.


    All good shotguns. I have 870, Supernova and a M4. All nice to shoot.

    870 is a good ole won't let you down, been around forever shotgun. Awesome. My daughter has one.

    SuperNova. Love it, smooth action and fires everytime.

    M4. Amazing and flawless.

  2. The both look great Mark!! Did the M4 handguards go black instead of camo because they're US made FFTs?


    Hookster :)


    LOL. Yeap. I kept the camo handguards but just wanted to see what it looked like with the black ones on.

  3. Thanks all for the info. Currently I have an M4, a Serbu and a Remington 870 20Ga (daughters). Thinking of the Supernova or possibly a Weatherby Vanguard in whatever caliber I want. Tough choice.

  4. With my 20 year anniversary at work, we can choose from various gifts. One of them being a Benelli Nova. I am thinking of upgrading to a SuperNova. My question is "What is the difference between the two?"

  5. I have an M4 and it was doing the same thing. After putting a few hundred rounds through, it "loosen up" has run flawless since. I can now use lighter loads and it cycles perfect everytime. Benelli's are made to very close tolerances and therefore need to be cycled through to get it to work as required.

  6. I took my wife and 17 yo daughter to shotgun classes with my M4. A female instructor was there also and encouraged them and made fun of me no end, which is fine as they both enjoy shooting now. After 75 rounds my daughter said the M4 was to heavy, so the instructors lent her a 20Ga Remington 870 pump. She loved it and went on the finish out the day. I ended up buying her one.

    The whole idea is to encourage and nuture them to become gun lovers

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